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Thread: SPOILERS 2/15 Show Thread

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    Re: SPOILERS 2/15 Show Thread

    I've been wondering what it would take to make me quit expecting a happy ending on this series. I think this episode did it. The phone call between Jake and Ali was SOOOO insincere. Jake was smarmy - and he fell out of love in like 3 days??? And Ali just meeky says, I'm sorry Jake - good-bye. At least call him a B@#$*#$d and slam the phone down!! It was all too fake. The fantasy dates had my skin crawling for some reason. Did anyone else hear Gia say "I'm ready to go all the way."? I hope I misinterpreted that, although Tenley said something similar and the way Vienna Sausage was dressed we all know what she had planned. I finally reached the point where I can sit back and just watch, and enjoy the "whine and cheese." And that's a good thing - especially since the Olympics are on too!!

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    Re: SPOILERS 2/15 Show Thread

    I didn't watch so I'm going to read this thread instead- it is all on you. :p

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    Re: SPOILERS 2/15 Show Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by I'm MEL;3829970;
    If he is afraid of heights, how is he a commercial pilot?
    It's easy. I'm deathly afraid of heights but I have no problem being in an airplane. I think it is the feeling of being in the plane with no chance of falling. Now, I am scared to death of being in a tall building. I guess there is no rhyme nor reason to a phobia.
    He who laughs last thinks slowest

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    Re: SPOILERS 2/15 Show Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by FanOfUnrealTV;3829892;
    Did I hear Jake tell one of the women (Who?) that he wanted to go back to St Lucia for his honeymoon.

    Can you imagine? "Sure, honey, let's go -- for the most romantic and perfect trip of our lives -- to the place where you spent the night with three women in three nights."

    He is so, so very clueless about so many things. I have grown to like him, but he is shockingly immature for a 32 year-old professional man.
    Didn't Jason go to New Zealand with Melissa/Molly?

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    Re: SPOILERS 2/15 Show Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by nuts2uiam;3830189;
    Didn't Jason go to New Zealand with Melissa/Molly?
    Maybe he did to erase the FRC memory and proposed to her the way he should have in the first place? Leave it to Fleiss to take credit for the drama and claim that they still got a successful couple out of the show.

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    Re: SPOILERS 2/15 Show Thread

    Don't really know where to post this question...but does anyone know if there are any photos of Tenley and Vienna's ex-husbands out there anywhere?

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    Re: SPOILERS 2/15 Show Thread

    I thought Gia was a class act last night.She was gracious and sincere in her exit.She didn't call him names and berrate him like other F3's have done in the past.
    "I need to stop talking about shoes before I get tabbed to judge some gay fashion show, or get a call from Tanner to hang out." sdl

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    Re: SPOILERS 2/15 Show Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by n4692u;3830082;
    On ET tonight when he was playing a florist for the day for Valentines, he said "Kevin, I was in love with Ali". What a liar! No wonder he is still single. He also was waiting on this guy and Jake handed him 3 daisies and said "these are a symbol of love". Daisies are Ali's favorite flowers.

    Tonight, twice, he said "at this point, I am not in love with Ali". I'm sure he said it only once, but they used it again while he was getting ready for the rc. What was that about?

    Also, CH in his vo talking about the WTA says Ali's back and shares the real reason she left the man she loves. HUH? I would have sad loved instead of loves.

    Jake's "I'm falling in love" business is getting old. From the FRC, I'm surprised they used Tenley's vo that let's us know that he didn't choose her (Jake told her they didn't have any chemistry) and it looks like by Vienna's expressions that he doesn't choose her either, but I bet he does, but doesn't give her a ring. V's vo sounded like he didn't choose her, but I think I heard her say those things during the season ("I don't know where his head and heart are right now"). We should know if they are still together or not by watching if they show their "journey" together at the end of the show. They didn't do that with Jason/Melissa, they just went straight to that awful ATFR.

    I really didn't enjoy tonights' show.
    I'm not a fan of Vienna at all and certainly don't think she's ready for marriage (despite what she says), but if after Jake asked her what kind of stone and band she wanted at dinner, he ends up not giving her a ring at the FRC, I wouldn't blame her for being really pissed.

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    Re: SPOILERS 2/15 Show Thread

    He came off as a j-e-r-k of a producer pawn to have interviewed Vienna about what sort of a ring she liked...and then a split second later tell her to her (crestfallen) face that he was "in love with" all three girls.

    P.S. I'm really just posting to trot out my Jake the Dopey Pirate avatar...and caption/signature line Argh.

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    Re: SPOILERS 2/15 Show Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Dot-Calm;3829969;
    If Jake is so afraid of heights why was he standing on that stone ledge with Gia at the beginning of their date? I have a fear if heights and thought, NO WAY could I stand on that without feeling anxious.
    He must have been cured after his bungee jump with Vienna.

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