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Thread: ***SPOILERS***Show Discussion Feb8/10

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    Re: ***SPOILERS***Show Discussion Feb8/10

    Quote Originally Posted by brklyn825;3822078;
    Okay it's been a while since I was approached for this show so the logistics escape me right now but I'm sure someone here will know... When you sign up for this show after you're eliminated aren't you kept in seclusion until filming has wrapped? So wouldn't you need to clear the entire time with a job???
    No, the girls are able to go back to work or whatever when they leave the show.
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    Re: ***SPOILERS***Show Discussion Feb8/10

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiggerlgh;3822081;
    No he was saying the girls came to him because they were jealous of Vienna and Jakes relationship. Vienna didn't tell him the other woman did.
    Jake had it all wrong, probably got his info from Vienna the girls coudn't stand her long before the 1:1 date ..... just like all the other girls that have know her in the past ..... oh brother... I see the pattern, but Jake sure didn't get a clue
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    Re: ***SPOILERS***Show Discussion Feb8/10

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiggerlgh;3822084;
    No once the girls are gone they go back to their normal lives.
    Well that's retarded. Wouldn't you go into your job and be like "this is the most time I need off but I can be back earlier if things don't work out"? Something is fishy here. Plus I don't think a company like Facebook would interfere with something that could be like free publicity for them.

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    Re: ***SPOILERS***Show Discussion Feb8/10

    lol the comments on Ali's fan FB are funny. Oh and im suprised that Ali has more fans on it then Tenley does
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    Re: ***SPOILERS***Show Discussion Feb8/10

    Quote Originally Posted by seeker;3821821;
    Could be that Jake takes Ali off on the helicopter and Vienna is left standing there with the cameraman to catch her reactions?. Who knows!
    Did you all notice what Ali's mom told Jake? It was something like "if you get Ali, you will getting a girl with a heart of gold." "She's very compassionate."

    Jake did an interview with GMA on the day of the primiere, 1/4/10, and he was asked what he was looking for in a girl and he answered "a girl with a heart of gold." "Plain and simple, a heart of gold."

    Do any of you think Vienna has a heart of gold? If Jake does, he is delusional.

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    Re: ***SPOILERS***Show Discussion Feb8/10

    In essence this was a replay of the Jill and Ed scenario. I couldn't help thinking - can you guys not come up with something original? I am not saying that Ali indeed was called away... but it is just odd. Espcially knowing how scripted things tend to be on the show.

    With Ali gone, I would think that Gia is his best bet. I think the pressure inherent in this type of TV romance would be tough for Tenley - she seems so fragile.

    I know that Vienna is the F1 and I am trying really hard to like her, but the relationship seems the most shallow.

    I would not be surprized if after all is said and done Jake and Ali re-connect. Not sure the relationship would last though..

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    Re: ***SPOILERS***Show Discussion Feb8/10

    Quote Originally Posted by 1blue1pink;3821925;
    Oh no, I think we all agree that we SEE it but that it is DISGUSTING! We just are trying to figure out WHAT on earth he sees and WHY? I'm not denying it. I totally see it. I view it more as sexual chemistry, as I can't see how they connect on any BRAIN wavelength.

    So, I think it's more of trying to figure out what he sees and why he sees it. Granted, we are not Jake and I'm sure there will be a few responses of "It's his choice and let him be happy making it." But, we are all here to converse about the show and this is a legitimate topic. If you don't believe me, Twitter "Vienna" and see how many hits you get (99% of them are saying what I am saying). Must not be very many Vienna fans out there!
    The editing of this show is playing all kinds of "mind games" with everybody (both sleuthers and viewers). Vienna may have her "wild" competitive side, as her family kindly pointed out, and may frequently get into tomboy battles in the playground. Yet, if you rewatch the show WITHOUT the over-the-top "coming up!" previews, her storyline actually "mellows" quite a bit.

    Also, has anybody looked "brainy" on this show? By the way, there were some humorous (but quite logical) posts on the mother board suggesting this was some post-graduate "experiment" on "interpersonal communication" of hers !?!

    No offense to either Ali or Tenley (both are probably the sweetest gals in the "real" world and normally The Life Of The Party), but I'm having trouble warming up to them because both are so... how should I put this gently?... uptight. Gia is sweet, but does smiles a little too much like Bashful in "Snow White"...

    Add to this all of the clips of Jake looking equally uptight.

    Contrast all of this with you-know-who and... well, it isn't just "sexual" chemistry.

    Can't help borrowing a quote from The Most Quotable Contestant Of The Franchise: "Some people are better than others at THIS world, well not like the BIG world, but THIS world. I was trying, but I let my fears get in the way."

    Fear Vienna ain't got... even in a dark wine cellar.

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    Re: ***SPOILERS***Show Discussion Feb8/10

    Quote Originally Posted by northernviewer;3821737;
    I do that when I'm trying not to cry... and trust me, I've had to do that a lot in the last year and a half, where you try to almost will the tears not to fall.
    I thought the opposite, he was trying to squeeze some tears out. My daughter does that when she is trying to cry for sympathy.
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    Re: ***SPOILERS***Show Discussion Feb8/10

    Quote Originally Posted by brklyn825;3822090;
    Well that's retarded. Wouldn't you go into your job and be like "this is the most time I need off but I can be back earlier if things don't work out"? Something is fishy here. Plus I don't think a company like Facebook would interfere with something that could be like free publicity for them.
    Are they permitted to explain to their employers the purpose of their absence?
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    Re: ***SPOILERS***Show Discussion Feb8/10

    Quote Originally Posted by 1blue1pink;3821878;
    Jake's interview on ET:

    He says "the lowest point of the production was yet to come" (this interview was done January 21st). They asked, scale of 1-10 and he said, "Almost a ten, complete devastation. Horrible, awful. It's juicy now, it's going to get alot juiciER! You haven't seen anything yet!"

    The interviewer says, "The Rosalyn thing was pretty juicy" to which Jake says, "It was early, not alot of emotions there yet."

    They discuss Roslyn and Michelle.

    View it if you can. Very interesting that this interview was done not that long ago and he uses words, "devastation, horrible, awful, almost a ten (on a scale of 1-10)"

    Yep heard that interview and after watching tonight Ali would definetly be in
    F2! It was so not fake on his part imo he really wanted her to stay. I think she was totally coaks to leave by the producers. Did anyone else catch that she lipped NOW to tp before saying Chris can I talk to you??? Go back and watch they told her when to speak at the RC!!! Unbelievable.
    I bet J & V are engaged.

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