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Thread: ***SPOILERS***Show Discussion Jan25/10

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    Re: ***SPOILERS***Show Discussion Jan25/10

    Quote Originally Posted by sanlee;3808393;
    I noticed too that Corrie and Vienna seemed buddy buddy in that deleted scene. Cute scene!
    Interesting. Even after Corrie's roast at the comedy club.
    Did you also see Jake rubbing her hand during the Toast (Ju has the previews). This whole hate thing is not adding up.
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    Re: ***SPOILERS***Show Discussion Jan25/10

    I believe Jake was done making his choice from night one, and on his date with Vienna he choose her, he seal the deal. I dont know if it will last but last night I caught something. I notice in his talk with Vienna that she knows the girls dont like her when she was talking to him out side before the last RC. Watch that part again, because she said to him I dont know if your family will like be because the girls dont like me, and he ask how does she know the girls dont like you and she said that she jokes around alot and the girls are so uptight and she made facial expression of them to show him her point. How would she be worried that his family wont like her so quickily? another point is she said they talk about her big personality and feels the girls knows she is a threat. They also have there little communication thing going on when they talk it is she that is going to the end major laugh between them. He also took her far out of the shots of the girls to talk and did not let go of her hand the whole time they were together. He seems to talk softly to her last night at the RC. Sorry for my ranting. Off to work now. Happy sleuthing and have a great day.

    I really hope I am not wrong though.

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