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Thread: Edit Analysis *SPOILERS*

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    Re: Edit Analysis *SPOILERS*

    Watched the finale tonight with an unspoiled viewer. During Ali's announcement as the new Bach'ette, she said, "She's contradicting herself. Didn't she leave the show because of work? How is she going to get time off to do this show?"

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    Re: Edit Analysis *SPOILERS*

    The family made such a quick 180 on Vienna with virtually no segway. Then it becomes all about Jake blaming himself for telling them she was the "disliked one" in the house. Yet they show the Vienna saying "She's A Robot comment" regarding Tenley during the meeting. She CLEARLY did not fit in, and his Dad had ZERO participation with Vienna.

    Jake told his Mom, bite me, I am marrying her so be nice or be gone. (or something kind of close to that, hence the holy chit, we have to play nice.)

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