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Thread: Bolding and Quoting- A Lesson ***Please Read***

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    Bolding and Quoting- A Lesson ***Please Read***

    It appears to have become a trend this season to bold sentences from posts that you're quoting.

    Unfortunately it has also become a trend to completely mess up the tags.

    If someone then quotes a post you have tagged incorrectly the quotes will end up being attributed to the wrong person.

    After you've posted a message, please take a few seconds to review the way it looks to make sure you've done the tagging correctly.
    If you see the word QUOTE at the end of your post you've messed it up.

    If you must bold part of a post please make sure you close the bold tags [ /b] completely before closing the quote tags [ /QUOTE].

    If the part you bolded is at the very end of the message the tags should be like this; [/b][/ QUOTE]
    (no spaces, the examples are shown with spaces purely to make them visible here)

    Please take the time to get this right.
    Posts in which people have failed to use tags correctly will likely be deleted.

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