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Thread: Are you going to watch the finale and ATR..and AATR?

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    Re: Are you going to watch the finale and ATR..and AATR?

    Now that it is all out, I don't plan on watching. Just not my idea of entertainment. If it was a soap with paid actors reciting lines then yeah but since I believe that at least one (maybe two) of the three are real people not reciting some script, watching them get hurt and humiliated is not my idea of fun. I will record it just in case and will definitely be on the board that night (assuming it doesn't crash) but won't be watching the Jerry Springer show that this season has become.

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    Re: Are you going to watch the finale and ATR..and AATR?

    Quote Originally Posted by CoolCruiser;3355027;

    So for my final post... My ode to Howard Beale

    I am so done with this show!
    I will NOT be watching the show on Monday or Tuesday night.
    I feel like someone has died, the wake is on Monday and the funeral is on Tuesday.
    I hate funerals!

    I'm taking my LIFE back!
    The reason I enjoyed being part of this community was for the purpose of sleuthing and chatting about the sleuthing with ya'll.
    However, since this has now become a travesty of a freak show, I am signing out.

    Jason, sorry man but you won't come out of this smelling like a rose. Ain't going to happen for you. You may have bought the lie but the price was too high.

    To think that Molly will actually move to Seattle for "happily ever after".... after supposedly being ONLY with you for the last month, knowing that you and Melissa were having it on for more than a month after she was dissed... Nope not buying that.
    And will her mom and dad love and respect you enough after all this goes down so that she can stay with you???

    And to think that they were all party to this with an innocent child such as TY.

    And to my fellow Canadian Jillian, my advice is RUN!!!! Don't do the Bachelorette.
    You don't need to run the risk of ruining your own reputation and putting more stress and pressure on your family. Seriously, I really wonder if in one year from now, will Jason think this was all worth it?? Will his family? Will Melissa?

    In a year, will Molly still be happy in her pup tent, the lavish gift ABC gave in exchange for her compromising her integrity on the altar of America's love/hate romance with entertainment???

    I will NOT be back for the Bachelorette or future Bachelor shows.

    There is no longer a reason to sleuth. You will never get to the real truth behind what actually happened.

    See ya Howard Beale. Rest In Peace.

    Awesome post! Couldn't agree more. I feel like I am in mourning for what TB used to be... the show that I loved to watch/slueth regardless if the couple stayed together 3 months after the fact. This? It's not TB show that I fell in love with and it's an insult to my viewing pleasure!

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    Re: Are you going to watch the finale and ATR..and AATR?

    I'll be watching, although with an entirely different frame of mind.
    I have someone in my household who has no idea how the show is going to end, so I'm interested in seeing his reaction. He has no idea who Jason is going to pick because he said Jason is too confusing and seems to like everybody! Little does he know how true this is!
    This show has gone downhill the past 3 seasons and I really wish I had a magic wand cause if I did I'd wave it over myself and not watch this piece of crap show ever again.
    I think I will skip the porno part of the show where Molly is straddling Jason, though! Yuck!

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    Re: Are you going to watch the finale and ATR..and AATR?

    Am I going to watch?
    Of course, I thought it was going to go down like this for awhile, so I was prepped.
    A dr. asked me: Does anyone in your family suffer from mental illness? My answer: No they all enjoy it immensely.

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    Re: Are you going to watch the finale and ATR..and AATR?

    Yes I am going to watch. I have invested all this time to watch the season so am certainly going to watch the conclusion. I want to see things for my own prespective. When police interview people who have witnessed an accident they get conflicting statements. Even if everyone is seeing the same thing they all see it from a different angle. All your own life experiences will color how you see it. I want to see it from the color of my life not someone else's life.

    Will I watch Jill as next Bachelorette. You bet. I love Jill. I know just like Jason we will be shown a whole other view. The bachelor/bachelorette goes from being one in a group of people who have bonded and share similar circumstances to being isolated and manipulated and having their emotions chopped up like a frog in a blender. I hope Jill can keep her wits about her and hope that she will find some happiness waiting for her.

    And most of all I will continue to watch so that I can come to the board and try to figure it all out. Who knows maybe the spin on Jill's season will be that we will all be looking for the other shoe to drop and Fleiss will fool us by playing it straight for once. What could be more shocking than that
    Choices are the hinges of destiny.

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    Re: Are you going to watch the finale and ATR..and AATR?

    I'm watching the ATFR2 now...why? Jilly! I wasn't going to watch the next Bachelorette unless it was Jillian and I'm so happy it's her! Although, I don't trust Fleiss at all.

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    Re: Are you going to watch the finale and ATR..and AATR?

    No. I will not be watching 'ette' either, even though I love Jillian.

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    Re: Are you going to watch the finale and ATR..and AATR?

    .................DEFINITELY NOT.... I am done with this show... Thanks Jason for being a whimp and giving me my life back!!

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    Re: Are you going to watch the finale and ATR..and AATR?

    You bet I am! Who knows... Maybe he picks Shayne....

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    Re: Are you going to watch the finale and ATR..and AATR?

    I'm so confused at this point! Does anyone have the facts or informed speculation as to what is going to happen on each of these nights? Do we see Jason and Melissa happy as clams on Monday night, and then Tuesday night he dumps Melissa for Molly? Or does he dump her on Monday night, she exits stage left and Molly enters stage right ... and then Tuesday night is all about how happy Jason and Molly are? Or do we not see Molly until Tuesday night, when it is all wrapped up with a nice big red bow? Any ideas about what takes place on each of these two nights?

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