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This doesn't actually say that the "one lucky bachelorette" is Melissa or any of the other girls on the show. It also doesn't say that the "man of her dreams" is Jason. This could be about a different show altogether.

At the beginning of the premiere, after CH interviews J in the mansion and they are coming back outside to greet the girls, it shows the women streaming out of the limos and greeting J and CH in a VO says "25 women, and one of these women WILL(emphasized) become Jason's wife. Also in the season clips at the end of the premiere episode, CH says "Jason will find true love and one lucky bachelorette WILL become his wife."

I just can't see Molly or Jill marrying him like that, but I can see Mel doing it. I don't know why I think that, but I do. Hey, we could be going in the wrong direction here altogether. He may have picked Mel, but then the shocker is we find out that those groans and heavy breathing in the tent w/Molly was for real and not editing and Ty may be about to have a sibling. Just kidding, I don't believe that for a minute.

I think it's a wedding.JMHO for the moment.