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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by addison h.;3333342;
    in watching these interviews with Kimmel and Ellen i've come to a serious realization, and that is "talented people are better" - seriously God bless the Kimmels and Ellens of the world, and I'm all for kicking the "jasons" to the curb
    Have all the bachelors done soooo many appearances?? Don't they get paid pretty well for appearing on talk shows? Just seems like Jason is really milking it for all it's worth.

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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    I do hope that Melissa was in on it. Then I won't feel like she was hurt and betrayed. The PTB will still have no morals, but what is new about that.
    Melissa was engaged to Jason until the AFTR shooting. Or she thought she was

    Hey ... TPTB are very astute businessmen. They hit a home run with this one.
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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    I'm betting people won't believe this Kate person...mainly because it's Molly she's talking about

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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Luvvy;3333098;
    Well...if we're to believe RS without fail, then we're believing

    1) Jason and Fleiss planned to hurt Mel (or one other girl) from the beginning.
    2) Jason agreed to fake propose to this girl beforehand
    3) Jason is acting on the balcony scene
    4) Jason and Mel's interactions are fabricated on Jason's part
    5) Jason allowed his son to form a bond (i use the term loosely) with a woman who he knew he'd take away from him eventually

    I think it's much more plausible, because human decency had to kick in, that Mel was his intended F1.

    Everyone says it was obvious from the beginning, didn't all of the Mel/Jay fans see something there? Is Jason that good of an actor?

    Over the course of the show, his feelings for Molly also progress. He even falls in love.

    Ty meets the ladies, better connects with Mel. He goes with Mel b/c he loves her but nor because he loves her more than Molly, because Ty connects with her most. He may feel like he's made a mistake, but does it anyway.

    He proposes and the show wraps.

    Enter problem. Something happens between Jason and Mel that changes his mind or he changes his mind on his own.

    Jason contacts Fleiss to tell him how he feels.

    Fleiss no longer has an ending to his story, unless he could somehow exploit Jason/Mel's situation.

    Jason tells Fleiss he's interested in Molly still, but it's a breach of contract for him to contact her, so Fleiss agrees to set it up if Jason will agree to dump Melissa on TV. (I think this is where the proposition comes in, not in the very beginning.)

    Jason agrees to it.

    With the edit practically complete, Fleiss is now scrambling to make it justifiable for Jason to dump Mel.

    He hires De, who meets neither girl. Which means these scenes could have happened after the show wrapped. (Or does she come to NZ?) De provides the context of what can go wrong if you pick someone similar to someone you've previously dated (I don't know what she's going to say), but it sets up Jason to make the wrong choice.

    Fleiss thinks this will be enough, but wants icing on the cake, so he flies Molly in (who's been doing a lot of flying the past month or two) to do PIs that really look out of place in the general scheme of the show.

    These PIs are to serve as hints that maybe he did want her all along, or that it was there from the beginning.

    Also, the parents issue that was not as big a deal as it's made to look, is focused on further to create the doubt that if he picks her they will have problems.

    That's my theory and it still makes Jason look bad, but not as bad as he would look if he planned to hurt Melissa from day 1.

    I guess I just find it hard to believe that Jason went into the show agreeing he would fake propose and dump someone after what happened to him last season.

    I take issue with your assumptions in bold. We do not know that Jason was acting in the balcony scene. Agreeing to some kind of conspiracy or plan to dupe Melissa is one thing, having it play out in reality is quite another. Maybe at that point in time it all got to him. It could even have been guilt over his part in the duplicity.

    As far as Jason's and Mel's interactions being fabricated, well, the edit determined what we saw between them. How do we know that Jason was only going through the motions? Maybe he did feel something for her, but it wasn't really love. There seemed to be a genuine attraction between them. But when you are cherry picking what the audience sees, you can create something overall that may not ever have been there. Maybe he just felt affectionate towards her.

    Anyway, I don't necessarily assume all those things. I am also not assuming that Jason was in on this from the beginning, although I think that RS made a good case for it. We may well never really know the whole truth. What I DO know, though, is that if it happens as we have been told and Jason goes on the AFRC 1 and drops the bombshell that he is breaking up with Melissa, with her having no idea at all about all this, then he is complicit in that part of it. He will not come out of this unscathed.

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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by mindy384;3333315;
    Even if this was not a set-up they could not make Jason go out and break up with Mel on national tv. Yes, there may be a script, and yes, a lot is scripted and they do sign, but they can't make him do something he does not want to do, especially when it could cause harm to another person. For example, they can't make Jason look in the camera and say I wish someone would kill my neighbor and bomb a building. And, if, for some crazy reason, someone drew up a crazy enough contract that did stipulate this then Jason and his lawyer are both idiots for signing.

    Regardless, the point here is that Jason went on TV and broke up with a girl he FREAKING asked to marry him. That is the low of the low. If he was seeing molly behind mel's back then jason should be shot. If this is what happens then I am beyond finished with this show and jason's fake 'oh, i care about everyone and im a great guy.'
    Done and Done.
    I really don't think most of the Bachelor, who propose of the Show, really want to get married.

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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by KashatheDiva;3333288;
    Just wanted to add in all the hoopla that we should expect an edited ATFR1 and ATFR2.
    What this means is not every thing you see will be factual and be the way it is shown.
    They will take expressions out of context. They will take statements out of context. They will splice words into sentences that never happened.
    They may even show people in an audience that does not exist.
    Look for the man that is hiding behind the curtain here, too. He does exist and will be spinning his magic.
    If you think you are going to get the real story here--think again, there are truths that may never be told.
    If this whole thing is true as stated then I think:
    At this point, it might be best to cancel the ATFR and make an announcement instead; barring that, perhaps they should forget the theatrics and go for re-taping it with just a sit down discussion where Melissa and Jason decide together to call it off - and for Heaven's sake leave Molly out of it. Don't even mention his interest in Molly.
    Don't even think of doing an ATFRpart2 where you introduce Jason and Molly.

    The die is already cast here. This has been terribly unpopular and is now circulating all over in different media and will continue to do so. ABC will not be able to ignore it.
    Their Bachelor will look like as somebody called him "an indecisive cheat and jerk". The F2 will look like a hussy on the make for someone else's man, and the F1 will look like she got taken for a ride.
    ABC will look like it has egg on its face.
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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by glowgirl;3333335;
    Land sounds like real estate. Maybe she is a sales rep for something other than food and beverage. Could have sworn I read the second, but land is fine too.

    I am not sure I know what a Land and Marketing sales rep is. Oh well, I would think whether she selling to restaurants or selling to the general public, her cute personality helps make her a success.

    I worked many years in the oil/gas industry and we had Land/Marketing Reps who acted as liasions between the company and landowners who allowed easements, drilling, etc. Not sure if that is what you were looking for but it is a common position in oil industry.

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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by babyfaceC;3333318;
    That is all very true but the truth is that you are watching Jason as the bachelor every monday because he has an adorable, young son. My opinion was in response to the idea that Tye should have been left out of certain parts of this process. That wasn't going to happen because Tye is the main reason Jason is the bachelor to begin with.

    By the way you can google Jon and Kate plus 8 and find a lot of talk about the exploitation of those kids. I love that show, by the way. Alexis is my favorite

    Ok, that I will agree with. He is much more adorable because he is a Dad (aren't they all cute when they are with their kids!?!), and I do think that ABC is using that to their advantage. I do think, though, that Jason has tried to Keep Ty's appearances to a minimum. I don't understand how he can be away from him for that long, but my husband is military and leaves for months at the time and seems to handle it better than I would. I think moms have a closer bond sometimes when it comes to spending time apart from your child. <br>
    Kate is my favorite. I wish someone were filming my family all the time so I could smack my husband around and he'd just smile and do what I want anyway! If we are talking kids, I like Joel!

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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by momto4QTs;3333298;
    I have to disagree. I was a single parent for a while and even though in a perfect world all of us single parents leave our child out of the dating scene, it is not realistic. I am not saying that I drove around on Friday nights cruising for my next baby daddy. What I AM saying is that finding the right person involves knowing how they interact with your child. I think that the times he has had Ty on the show has been tasteful and to Ty it is probably no more than thinking they are shooting home videos. His [Ty's] mom was in a music video so I am thinking the whole television scene is not new to this family. There are tons of shows on TLC that are filming people's children constantly (ie John and Kate plus 8), but no one is reaming her out for having her children on television. She has stated that she loves the idea of their children's lives being documented for the future. If Jason ends up being the scum that RS says he is, then hey, I will be on here with the rest of ya bashing the guy. For right now, though, he has not done anything that is going to leave mental scars on Ty. In the upcoming footage, he introduces him to the two women as "My friend ______". He is not saying "heres your new step momma kid-deal with it". Parents, even single ones, should be allowed to introduce their children to people without the worry that the rest of the world will raise an eyebrow at their actions.

    You don't introduce him to too many, it'll confuse him. I hope he wasn't looking at Melissa one weekend and Molly the next weekend. Kids are not dumb, they know more than you think they do. Even at his age.

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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    If Jason wasn't acting in the "balcony scene" then why were there cameras there to tape it?

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