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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by justson;3329764;
    Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't CH say that what Jason did took guts happen before the ATFR. Also TPTB statements regarding this couple had a true shot at making it to the alter...didn't all of these statements take place before Jason allegedly broke up with Mel at the ATFR taping.
    I hope someone is able to answer this. I'm way behind on posts but I'd like a timeline of all this. Maybe someone will be kind enough to map RS info with whatever else we know about Jason/Melissa/Molly's whereabout.

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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by harrodsfan;3330929;
    Beginning to believe this...
    The tabloids haven't picked this up at all.
    Why wouldn't they if it is true?
    They certainly are the first to print even hints of gossip
    me thinks something is "rotten in the state of Denmark."
    I agree I think it was all a "soap opera" to make us think it was reality, sign them all up, if he falls in love with someone great but they all have to agree to play it out, probably auditioned up front for who will be F1, F2, F3, no matter what and then give them a year or something to have to stay quiet and play along..? just rambling.. but if they all fessed up and we all knew it was scripted totally I doubt we'd get quite as involved or even watch next time..

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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    This really is like a soap opera. Jason and his new F1 F2 are going to get skewered. I just don't know how TPTB see this as a brilliant idea..I mean is Jason really that much of a bonehead? Can't wait for the new interview that he does.

    The thing that makes me think Molly would do something like this is I read on some other boards that Molly was "allegedly" involved with somebody who taken at the time. I don't know the whole story..but when you hear it more then one place...maybe it does have some kind of credence. I just wonder what her family thinks now. I mean is Molly going to move up to Seattle to be with her true wuv? I guess I wish them the best...but Jason really really really shouldn't propose at the ATFR2.

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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Writerinthewind;3331059;
    Come on, Molly- really?

    Molly doesn't seem the type to live happily ever after in suburbia. Interesting to see if they are still an item after contractual obligations run out.

    I'm prouder than ever to be a Jesse fan last season! Jason sold his soul to the devil.

    Actually, she kind of does seem that way to me

    I love how we all see things differently.

    I wish Jason and Molly the best, despite what may or may not be poor behavior from either one...of which we have no proof.

    Same for Mel...even if she was involved...wish her nothing but the best.

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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    Scenario 1 -- Jason "In On It" from the beginning. It is Molly from the beginning and Jason was promised they could be together if he went along with the plan. It was obvious to cast and crew that Molly was the one from early on but through editing we saw nothing. Jason chooses Melissa secretly sees Molly until the ATFR where he dumps Mel and goes after his intended.

    Scenario 2 -- Jason was not "In on" anything... He was into Melissa as we saw, the cast and crew knew it was them from the beginning. He proposed to Melissa and then regretted his feelings and contacted Molly. The two of them had a clandestine affair while he was engaged to Melissa... so he breaks up with Mel.

    Either Scenario... Jason is a scumbag!
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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by sdl;3331057;
    Be wary of things Melissa or her friends post because they're in a salvage mode at this point.
    She was tremendously humiliated and angry after the ATFR, and she started trying to reclaim the high road: suggesting that it was mutual, being seen in public hanging all over her ex-boyfriend (the jerk), and now saying that she and Jason remain good friends.
    Ok, it's all kind of sad, but give the girl her dignity.

    I just want to be very clear on something, because I think I've seen you sort of misquoted.

    You are saying, like RS, that Melissa was NOT in on the set-up, correct? That her reaction of being hurt by Jason was genuine, right?
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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by NYGal;3331038;
    skachel, you are absolutely correct. The difference is that Jason like Aaron, admitted he made a mistake. Something Alex, Travis, Andy and PLo didn't have the guts to do.
    Aaron didn't dump Helene on National television. He dumped Helene privately and they both talked about it on National Television... That's the difference. Yes, people make mistakes, I don't have necessarily an issue with someone breaking up with someone for someone else that happens. But you still do it in a respectful way to the person your breaking up with.

    There are a lot of stories of people breaking up with fiances for exes etc. This type of thing happens. And yeah it sucks, but you cannot control your heart.

    But to sneak around someone's back for weeks, and to dump a person on National Television is wrong. Naomi said it best, it's more mature for Jason to say I have a greater connection with the other girls than to make it "her" fault.

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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    Guys- when was the date with Jillian where they are shown in the screencaps eating burritos? I know she's not coming back, but i was looking through the screencap thread to look and see if they told anything after reading RS's info. And I honestly can't remember this happening?

    And- during Monday's show- it seemed that Molly's hair kept changing colors. Knowing that CH has said she's a brunette now, did they add these comment clips after the ATFR?????

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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by partypunch;3331070;
    This really is like a soap opera.
    Probably one reason MF is so excited is that in this Janus season of the Bachelor, TPTB were able to jump a bigger shark and anchor the show back to its original roots simultaneously.

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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by BritLit;3330948;
    ROFL--and does the Tacori budget option come with a magnifying glass?

    Oh, and great news--I found the Wedding Registry for Molly and Jason for any of you who'd like to be among the first to give them gifts. Great items--here are few places where they're registered:

    @Crate and Barrel for Corelle china:
    --didn’t want to get good crystal or china because of likelihood they’d be throwing it at one another

    @Home Shopping Network for Ginzu Knives, set of twelve double-edged
    ---for stabbing their friends in the back

    @Wicks ‘n Stuff for 10 dozen votive candles
    ---for home lighting so they won’t have to look at one another’s two-faced visages

    @Bed Bath and Beyond for six sets of identical sheets
    ---so Jason can change them between girlfriend’s overnights and Molly won’t know

    @Sports Authority for cases of tennis balls, golf balls and soccer balls
    ---because Jason doesn’t have any

    @Netflix for lifetime movie subscriptions
    ---because if they have any judgment they won’t show their faces in public again for a long long time.

    But don't waste time, you know what Mike Fleiss always says: "A Happy Engagement is a Short Engagement".
    HAHAHAHA!!! BritLit, you always hit the nail square on the head!

    There is one last store:

    @Home Depot for a toilet
    because they're gunna need a place to put all their sh**.

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