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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    All of this brainstorming about what RS means is mind numbing. If how is more important that who, then I will assume that F1 was Melissa but how her plot line was developed matters most for RS. If all this rigamarole amounts to a finale where Jason is standing there with anyone but Melissa after the apparent editing all season long showing hers and his mutual physical contact society, then Fleiss will have re-created the DeAnna and Jesse finale pt 2 and I will have to surrender my personal perceptive love glasses that have enabled me in seasons past to detect who was into whom. And while Fleiss gets his jollies from torturing his audience, I would rather watch Chuck to see a scripted show rather than a reality show that has been manipulated so much that reality is the last thing it showcases. If Fleiss is airing 2 ATFRs, he's trying to repair damage from the first. Sort of like Deanna's season. It's too bad if this season turns out to be a complete dud, but others here warned that no one, however idealized initially, is safe from Fleiss' ability to scr*w with their personna. Luckily, I can avoid the finale this time just like I did during Deanna's. I'll just check back here for the recap.
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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by n4692u;3321069;
    I think I read here that RS has said there are NO moles or plants on the show and a rejected girl was NOT brought back, so I am no longer even considering that.
    He never said one way or the other that someone wasn't brought back..... he didn't confirm that one way or the other.

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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by coastalbc;3321653;
    He never said one way or the other that someone wasn't brought back..... he didn't confirm that one way or the other.

    What good is guessing if he won't confirm or deny?

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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by justsaying;3321116;
    I interpreted those comments to mean that the scenario and Ty's behavior were scripted, not that Ty was a fake. In other words, Ty was instructed to act like he didn't want Jason to go. RS described the phone call as scripted as well.[/QUOTE]

    I thought something was odd about that at the time too. He was wearing that blue pull over sweater when making that phone call, as well as when he was talking to Ty at the end of the bed and when he was describing the date he planned for Mel (he gave a little grin at the end, which I thought gave it away that it was a fake), and when he said "I love everything about Melissa. She's sweet, she's beautiful, she's fun and I want to spend some more time with her."

    Was Mel's end of the phone call scripted as well? When she is talking to him on the phone, it doesn't ever show the girls in the background who are sitting at the table eating. There are just shots of their faces and NEVER with Mel in the shot. I thought it was odd at the time when she hung up the phone and is walking away, someone says "wait, wait, come back" and it just shows Mel saying something like "he's with Ty and it's going to be a casual date, not a night on the town" and that was the end of it on her part and the girls were talking among themselves like she was never there. I thought that was strange at the time and that phone conversation seemed scripted to me, but I never posted anything about it.

    If this is true, Jason is with Melissa and those scenes are shot after the fact. Jason looks different in those shots in the blue sweater. He looks rested and happy and at peace. Take a look at it if you have it on tape.

    I thought that whole scene at the houseboat was done at some other time. Did anyone notice how "familiar" he seemed with her. When they are sitting on the couch (she is almost always sitting on his lap or has her legs draped across his) she is talking about going and sitting on a bench outside her apt and watching baseball and basketball games on a big screen tv. Watch his right hand, which I thought was rather familiar for a 2nd date. He has his hand at the bottom of her shirt and he runs his thumb and part of his hand up her shirt and is rubbing her bare skin. I saw him do that twice. They seemed very comfortable with each other.

    This info could be a biggie!
    I agree!!! That whole scene was so choppy on TV. I don't remember where I heard this, but before the show started, I heard he spends a lot more time with Mel, and TIMELNE is not as it shows up on TV. I don't know about anyone else, but, my JAW DROPPED, not when Mel's parents didn't show, but when he went back to her "suite" last week. As far as we can tell, he left all other girls home with their parents. But stayed with the girl that gets the ring in the screencaps. May I add one more thing, when one's face is neutral, it looks as always. But laughing, kissing, bending, any stretching movement can distort one's feature's quite easily. Try it. I say that is Jas kissing the ring finger.

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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Yogafan;3321406;
    I went to Wiki to check out the exact description of a Montreal Screwjob and thought it sounded a bit familiar. Here’s the definition(from Wiki), but I’ve changed the names and the events to relate it to this theory. Note that the updated names and events are bolded:

    ** The Montreal Screwjob was the real life double-crossing of defending Bachelor, Jason Mesnick, by Mike Fleiss, the owner of The Bachelor Franchise during the FRC of the Finale of The Bachelor held on November 2008, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. A secret change of the FRC’s pre-determined F1, (known as a “shoot screwjob” (shoot screwjobs) in reality tv parlance was devised by Fleiss and discussed with Bach’ette/?Bach’ettes? The plan was executed when the match referee, Chris Harrison , under orders from Fleiss/ABC called for the final rose to be given and ended the ceremony as F2 ( or F3?) kissed Jason for the Engagement (the Bachelor’s signature finishing shot), even though Jason had not submitted/agreed. The F2 (or F3?) was declared, “the fiancée” by acceptance and crowned as Jason’s F1 on Bachelor 13, even as Reality Steve and the audience demonstrated their outrage at this awful, cowardly betrayal.**

    Hence, my guess that RS’s motives behind all that he is writing is his knowledge that there is much “betrayal” behind what we are going to see leading up to, and including the FRC, and in his outrage, he feels a moral need to tell the true story.
    Very original! I am impressed, Yogafan.

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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    Here's what I think "might" happen. Jason doesn't choose either F2. We see him sobbing uncontrollably (LOL) at the railing. This would be shocking, and keep in mind that it was planned this way for sheer shock value, betraying the audience's faith in this process. It would be shocking for many reasons: because Jason has said over and over that he was there to find love, because of Brad's season and the big rejection hoopla viewers wouldn't expect Jason to do the same, because we've all seen the sc's of the proposal (moles/ring, etc) and sc's don't lie. BUT ( the infamous "but") the show doesn't end at that point, have they not extended the finale and added an extra night? This is where they back pedal and show us a whole different ending. He couldn't choose Mel because her parents supposedly didn't want to be involved and this is where Deanna enters the picture, she convinces him to follow his heart, no matter the road blocks, he then decides he does love Mel too much to let this get in the way. He proposes after all, the elusive parents show up and the 2nd ATFR puts this all into perspective for us.
    The sc's of Jason standing in the NZ setting waiting for the F1 are strange. He looks like a cardboard figure, was he digitally placed? The money shots, Mel's arms, the moles, ring, etc. do not show their surroundings, could have been shot anywhere, perhaps in L.A.?
    Any thoughts?

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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    Annabanana...I can go along with your theory. RS kind of agreed with the poster who said that Jason's edit was not that of someone looking for true love. RS backpedaled on the "love story" aspect of it. Is there one, or isn't there? Maybe, like Brad, Jason had feelings for both, but not strong enough for either one to make a choice, or was there an obstacle that seemed insurmountable at the time? Family acceptance seems to be important to him. Molly also used family acceptance as an important quality. It could be the theme for this show. Why would they go to a hotel suite instead of Melissa's apartment in Dallas? Another thing...Melissa's insecurites have always been highlighted, Molly's confidence has been highlighted, too. Do these two girls even like each other? I don't recall much interaction between these two but I could be wrong.
    The FRC images are strange. I agree that the ring shot could have been anywhere and at any time. I also don't think that the hillside shot is of Jason and Melissa, nor can it be any other of the F3 either.
    RS seemed to make a big deal out of the fake radio interview. Is there something there we're missing? Is it strange that Melissa listened in on it? I thought it strange that RS would say that no one would want to listen to a husband and wife radio team in the morning. Wierd, seemingly random, comment!
    Anyway, some rambling thoughts....RS said it's not who, but how. Were we right with the F1 as Melissa?
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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    I think we are reading waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much into all these stupid RS clues. He has shown that he over exaggerates, goes off on a tangent, but then admits that it may not be that earth shattering.

    Here are the parts of the puzzle, Jason does propose to Mel but not in NZ. At first TPTB were going to edit everything together all nice and tidy so that we never know that it didn't happen in NZ. But, in comes RS. He finds out the backstory of the proposal and how it was shot at a later date. He is going to blow their nice and tidy story, so they decide to go back and tell the story as it happened.

    What would be shocking to the typical viewing audience? Nice guy J turns both girls away at FRC like Brad. Jaws drop. Not Jason!!! It ends with J telling Mel that he cannot propose to her, editing gets choppy and we see his breakdown on the balcony. With Brad we saw him being at peace with his decision to turn both away, but with Jason we see he is a mess.

    Then the first ATFR beginning. We see J and Mel talking in the sunset and we see that J wants to move forward with her, but wants to meet her parents. We then see this meeting and everyone as one big happy family. We get to see the proposal, which is where the "FAKE" and "SCRIPTED" comes in because at that point Mel knows she is going to be proposed to, in fact the real proposal already happened they are just doing this one for the cameras. We will get to see the happy conclusion that we did not get with Brad. The 2nd ATFR will be the more traditional show--speaking with F2 and the happy celebration of the couple.

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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    Here is what another poster said and it makes perfect sense.

    Jason ended up with Melissa and she is his fiance now.

    Originally on the show she left before F4. Hence no home visit with her family was taped. He really visited Stephanie’s family.

    At the FRC Jason proposed to neither of the F2 because he wanted Melissa back. He broke the rules of the show just like Bret Hart did to the WWF in Montreal.

    The final 2 became 3 when Mellissa was brought back.

    TPTB needed to keep the show flowing accordoing to their formula so they had to go back and edit Melissa into the show later.

    It’s no big deal, but RS has turned it into the scandal of the century.

    End of story!

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    Re: RS Predictions **Spoilers**

    RS' clues are too vague for me and sound too complicated. I'm just gonna wait until he spills the beans which shouldn't be too long... I know for sure he's dying to do just that... Come on RS tell us once and for all

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