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Thread: Profiles of B13 Contestants

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    Profiles of B13 Contestants

    Profiles of B13 Contestants

    Remember, of course, all profiles are from an edited point of view. Comment, add characters, and additional info as we continue through this amazing journey.

    I will start with the F3.

    Molly ( bold, confident, goes after what she wants)

    Molly pursues Jason.

    Out of the limo we see Molly greet Jason and immediately begin to actively engage his attention with their mutual interest in golf. She challenges him to show her his golf swing, and he replies, “Later.” Thus, Molly is assured that she has made an impression and a connection.

    Molly is shown trash talking with the group in the lobby.
    She says, "I have a lot of confidence, and that does make other girls jealous. Their claws will come out; their true colors will show." (Thanks, Nutty! )

    During the Meet and Greet, we see Molly cut in on (the doomed) Raquel. She volunteers a slow dance, and then she offers empathy to help with how overwhelmed he must be feeling.

    In Eppie 2 Mollie takes the lead again, and to the delight of a surprised Jason she pulls him from the pool, tells him she wants him to know her for her special talent, tells him, “I’m a good kisser”, and then asks him would he like to try out her proclamation. Evidently, she must have delivered something because she gets a rose for her effort.

    With rose in hand, we see Molly cut in on Megan’s 1-1 alone talk time with Jason. We hear Molly tell Erica that Molly knows that other girls will not be happy with her cutting in to get more time when she already has a rose, but it comes across clearly that she agrees with Erica that regardless you do what you think you need to do.

    Molly is seen as “always there”, and in the most prominent and best advantageous place as well. She brings the rose and invitation to Jason at the pool party. If you look at the screencap of the group walking to the Boutique, she is right next to him.

    Jillian( the life of the party, hilarious and fun, spunky, energetic, adventurous, the consummate professional woman)

    Jillian pursues Jason as well but in a much more playful manner.

    We see Jillian in her professional life, and this lady has it together. Immediately, we are aware that she is knowledgeable, competent, ambitious, and successful.

    Upon exiting the limo, we are exposed at once to the fun, off- beat side of her personality as she immediately challenges Jason later to “the hot dog test.”

    Inside, we see Jillian lead Jason into the kitchen where she gives him the hotdog test and explains the theory to him. Although he passes her test and she does so with humor, she does not back off the fact that she actually thought he would fail ( be a ketchup – Mama’s boy).

    In eppie 2 at the pool party we see Jillian tell Jason to let her get on his shoulders so that they can have a chicken fight which she energetically wins over Melissa who topples into the water.

    We then see her feeding fajitas to Jason and again talking theories. He is so impressed with how fun she is that he gives her the rose for the 1-1 date to the Disney Hall Concert.

    Jillian takes the lead and asks Jason to dance at the concert.

    It is obvious that though they dance and kiss a couple of times, from the jumping up and down and cheering they are really having a fun time.

    He says it was “a little bit romantic.”
    She said it was “the most romantic date she had.”

    About Jillian, he says:

    “She is so energetic and fun. She is the life of the party. She is hilarious. She is a blast.”

    Melissa (perky, exuberant but sometimes insecure, sexy ex Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader )

    Jason is shown as the pursuer between the two.

    In the pre-show we see an interlude where Melissa is trying on dresses. In a voiceover, she says that although people would think that just because she was a DCC, she could have a relationship. Obviously,it wasn’t true because here she is ( on this show and single)

    There is little shown between Melissa and Jason on the first evening. She is 3rd out of the limo. She greets him and tells him she is a cowgirl. We see no other connection between them that night during the Meet and Greet.

    We see a bouncy, cheerful , jocular but also wistful Melissa who states in a PI that she would like to get a rose, but she is not confident that she is going to get one.

    In the 2nd eppie, we see Melissa chicken fighting with Jillian, but we still have yet to see her talk 1-1 with Jason; however and nevertheless, she gets word that she has a 1-1 for the next day with Jason to the beach.

    We see Melissa leave. We hear her insecurity begin to show as she tells us that she has not been good at dating, and we hear that she had a long relationship that failed.

    In a PI Jason tells us that Melissa is the kind of girl to whom he is typically attracted.
    We hear her ask the blimp will she get a rose (showing anxiety).
    We begin to see Jason’s male reaction to Melissa fairly soon, though, as he asks her if he can dress her oyster for her.
    After a good bit of kissing, he tells us that Melissa is “a wonderful kisser” and that “it has been a long time since he has shared such a passionate kiss”.
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    Re: Profiles of B13 Contestants

    Great post bloomers. I love the breakdown of the F3 and their interactions per eppi.
    Love many things, for therein lies the true strength.
    And whosoever loves much, performs much, and can accomplish much.
    And what is done in love is done well.

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