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Thread: Substantiated proof for the F1, F2, & F3

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoosgirl;3307469;
    Coming out of lurkdom with gentle request to keep this thread for substantiated proof, not discussion, pretty please!
    I understand your frustration, but once a topic gets started, it's hard to stop it. The information on the first page in the first post is still the best information we have for substantiated proof.

    Recently added: one of the F3 takes a cruise...because Melissa hasn't been shown with an action date as yet, this is thought (not proven) to be Melissa.

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    Re: Substantiated proof for the F1, F2, & F3

    Since this thread has strayed from it's original purpose and turned into yet another speculation/discussion thread with no real "substantiated proof" of anything, we're going to close it for now.

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