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I thought I'd chime in on this thread because I once was one of those sleuths who hunted and hunted every clue to figure the ending (fun times, for sure!! ). As a "retired sleuth" who still enjoys reading the boards I'd like to give a shout out to all the current sleuthers who have figured out the top 3 (and F1)!! As Kasha said, the proof is in the screencaps. I was mislead one season with using the past edit theories, but as times and producers have changed, the one constant you can count on are the screencaps.
What people should keep in mind about thinking everything is too obvious and as many have pointed out, it's not that obvious to the general public who Jason is going to pick. I've asked several of my friends who don't sleuth and they don't have a clue. In fact, the producers' scheme to trick people into thinking Jason might take Deanna back is working to the effect that several people have asked me if I think that will happen. Think about it, over 9 million people watched the show on Monday, out of that number, those of us who search boards for answers are miniscule. I'd be very shocked with all the evidence provided (and well done btw in the Evidence thread) for Melissa NOT to be the F1.
Of course, I never thought about the "non-sleuthers"! I was one who started watching the show, starry-eyed and believing everything was real (Andy and Tessa). Little did I know. I've become very jaded and do not trust the producers at all - especially after the Matt/Shayne debacle. I saw that one right away. Before that, I really did not think these kids were acting for the most part. But if I can just go back to my pre-skeptical self and enjoy the show. . . Didn't Jason say he fell right away? I thought I read that somewhere. Then I can actually watch the love story, without doubting the outcome!

I am AMAZED at all of the work the sleuthers do! You were one of the best!