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Thread: Nicole **Spoilers**

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    Nicole **Spoilers**


    Age: 25

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    Re: Nicole **Spoilers**

    Poor girl... looks like her "shyness factor" has worked against her in the past.... she is from my home town, and I just found this old article about her participating in an MTV VJ search. (this article is from the Calgary Sun, back in 2006)

    As part of the Top 10 on MuchMusic VJ Search: The Series, the 22-year-old Calgarian has been thrust into a life of room service, drivers and cocktail parties, which includes living in a $6.4 million sky-high apartment in downtown Toronto.

    "My heart sunk when I walked into this place," Mah tells the Sun during a media party held at the stunning three-story penthouse. "All of this has been so surreal - so exciting."

    While there's no doubt in Mah's mind she could rock the house at MuchMusic if she becomes the new VJ, the former Mount Royal College student (she dropped out when she made the Top 20) admits she was surprised to make the finals.

    The reason?

    She's not as outgoing as some of her competitors who were doing anything, including running around naked, in order to get noticed.

    "I wasn't sure what the judges were looking for, but all those people are gone. All the crazy party people are gone," she says with a smile.

    What Mah is not happy about, however, is the panel's decision to cut Calgary's other VJ hopeful Jennifer Barroll.

    "I was so shocked - she gave it her all and she was good. I am still surprised she is not sitting here with me right now."

    Winnipeg-born glam rocker Robin Black, who, along with MuchMoreMusic's Traci Melchor, ex-VJ Steve Anthony and rap artist Kardinal Offishall, decides who stays, says he fought for Barroll.

    "I definitely liked her, but she made virtually no impact on some of the other judges," he says.

    "She just didn't jump out of the screen at you."

    Unfortunately, Mah is also not grabbing Black's attention, he says.

    "She's the one I know absolutely the least about except she has an incredibly good smile. But a couple of people thought, without question, she should go through, so I agreed."

    Two girls who Black calls strong competitors are Nathalie Morgan, 28, and Rebecca Stacey, 21, who are both from Edmonton.

    But Morgan, who is a little overweight, may have some difficulty winning despite being one of the best, he says.

    "If that girl was a 110 pound hardbody, she'd probably be winning by miles. I know everybody will not like that I said that, but they'll know that it's true."

    MuchMusic VJ Search: The Series airs Mondays on Citytv and Tuesdays on MuchMusic.

    It's to bad she didnt get to stick around longer... everything I have read sounds like she is a nice girl.

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