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Thread: Part 3: "Spoilers & Screencap Analysis ONLY" **SPOILERS** - Bachelor 12

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    Re: Part 3: "Spoilers & Screencap Analysis ONLY" **SPOILERS** - Bachelor 12

    Thank you for the accurate finale outcome! Good work!

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    Re: Part 3: "Spoilers & Screencap Analysis ONLY" **SPOILERS** - Bachelor 12

    Quote Originally Posted by Krispy;2990307;
    Well for those in the Buffalo area - ABC I gather did NOT show The Bachelor since they were 1 hour behind televising a standoff on the highway with a man with a gun to his head. Luckly I think most of them do get the CitytV feed if they have cable.

    So they did photoshop that ring picture afterall! Considering they went to all that trouble, why didn't they phtotoshop to a totally different girl's hand - like Chelsea lets say - instead of switching Shayne's right and left?
    Only Fleise knows why he edited this like he did.
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    Re: Part 3: "Spoilers & Screencap Analysis ONLY" **SPOILERS** - Bachelor 12

    Where did we get the original SC with the ring going on the hand? Was that capped from show live previews or was it released on the medianet site?

    I agree that if the Fleiss minions were going to go to the trouble of photoshopping a picture to ward off sleuthing, they could have thrown us alot farther off the trail!

    Just more evidence that they are lurking here! Hiya Fleissers!

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