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Thread: Wta

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    Re: Wta

    Quote Originally Posted by Kikora;2951279;
    As of 2:30 something today they didn't seem to have an ATFR planned. Then again, at this point they didn't last season either. LOL. In other words, if you're hoping to go, you better be able to do it last minute! :-) I'm not sure they plan these things (WTA or ATFR) very far in advance for some reason. And changes in call times seem common also. If you go, wear comfy shoes b/c it is a long day, but certainly worth the experience!

    FORTers are great. All those I've met at the last two tapings have been lovely and gracious people. I'd encourage anyone who's local and can go to do it at least once, even just for the experience! :-) Heck, fly in...that's been done before, too!

    Even after the way the FRC ended last season with HWSNBN (and thus the way the ATFR went) and again after the WTA, for anyone that really does enjoy the show, whether you sleuth it to the tiniest degree or not, I think it really is interesting to see the way it's made...I mean, to see the folks we watch every Monday night in "real life" (as much as anything is) and, in particular, I find it interesting to see CH interact with them.

    Seeing a taping certainly adds a different element to the show and humanizes people even more, and, I at least, feel like it's a reminder that as much as this is 'entertainment' to us, that for those involved, it really is 'real life' (even with all of the producing/editing/etc.) that goes on for them.
    Did you go to the ATFR last Season? If so, what were Jenni, DeAnna & Brad like LIVE. Did anything surprise you about them? Was Brad & DeAnna's conversation as awkward as it seemed and was Jenni tough on Brad and did anything good happen which was not aired?

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    Re: Wta

    Quote Originally Posted by kelad9;2951340;
    I don't think they were trying to give out clues on the people.. .. To me if it's the best WTA they've been to, that might suggest the ending is surprising and very romantic..
    If we ever do get someone posting about it, who they favor to win has to be taken into consideration. If your favorite is present and not a contender the tone of the posts will reflect that.

    I assume they fly all of the women to LA for WTA and F2 do not attend. That also leaves room for a get together for Matt and whoever. There are witnesses somewhere. This is frustrating.

    There are so many ways to get the message across without breaking a contract, someone is going to spill something on some board this morning. All I would have to say here is that I loved the WTA and all would know Shayne was not there.

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    Re: Wta

    Quote Originally Posted by cupcakes;2951186;
    Right now we have no LCD caps of Amanda or basically they are on a even playing field in regards to who far all the littles crumbs point to Amanda leaving at f3.....

    i guess we will have to wait till tmrw to see if any more clues are revealed by those who attended the taping...

    (PS get ready for a bucket full of rumors to fly from the ABC boards ....)
    Cute Avatar Cupcakes.... Just a thought....maybe IF a clue was was telling us rather who the F2 gals would be ....loooonnng dress Chelsea, Amanda Sweet? Both compared to F3 is more thinner looking than Shayne.

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    Re: Wta

    Hey everyone,

    This thread was closed because it has been nothing but chit chat in anticipation of getting a few crumbs of info and not really any meaningful discussion. If someone was actually there or knows someone who was, and has some real information to disclose, PM a staff member and we will re-open it. Thanks.

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