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Thread: Reasons why Amanda could be F1 - *spoilers*

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    Re: Reasons why Amanda could be F1 - *spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Bet2Win;2931648;
    Cape posted that she spoke with one of the girls who said Amanda in her interview ... and that girl thinks Shayne, and not Amanda, will win it, but said in her public interview Amanda.
    "One of the girls" may have seen some things as she viewed the show on television that she was not privvy to at the time of her interview...and so she changed her mind.

    Nevermind that some of these women who chose Amanda went home early -- before the producers (or anyone, save perhaps Matt) knew that Amanda would be in (at least) the F4. It wouldn't make sense to have a producer conspiracy saying "Tell them you think Amanda wins" before knowing that Amanda was going to remain a long time.

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    Re: Reasons why Amanda could be F1 - *spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Estella;2931633;
    They had a casting call looking for an All-American woman. Now Amanda is always described as All-American girl or All-American beauty
    I know that is interesting isn't it? Seems a bit suspicous that the casting call kind of late in the game (second week of January as I recall) goes out for the All American Girl, and now that term has been used by Matt. Makes you wonder if things are a bit planned ahead...hmmm.

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    Re: Reasons why Amanda could be F1 - *spoilers*

    If she does end up F1 I sure hope they start showing a love story sometime.

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    Re: Reasons why Amanda could be F1 - *spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by CoolCruiser;2931591;

    Feel free to add POSITIVE information only. And we love screencaps that prove or authenticate the points.
    We don't allow "only positive (or negative) only" threads. We are not a "pro-fans only" site so all contestants are open to any kind of opinion, criticism and critique. Because of this, this thread is closed.

    If you'd like to talk about Amanda and why you think she is the one, you can post in her regular contestant thread (no spoilers, though) or any of the many other threads about the final episodes.

    If you think there are clues as to why she is the final one, please use her already established spoiler thread.

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