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Thread: Part 2: "Spoilers & Screencap Analysis ONLY" **SPOILERS** - Bachelor 12

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    Re: Part 2: "Spoilers & Screencap Analysis ONLY" **SPOILERS** - Bachelor 12

    Quote Originally Posted by onlyme;2959363;
    He could change it, but note what I added to my post #3318 about where the rose is on the table. Of course that can be entirely wrong if the SC (#99) is flipped, but I don't think it is. And I think there are other more important clues like the sun, ring box etc.

    All I think I have manged to do is go around in a circle. I think I am going to let the veteran sleuthers figure it out.

    Thanks for getting me started, you've gone to bed, and I'm cross-eyed from looking at sc's.

    I don't think the sc of Matt kneeling down proposing is flipped. The white spray of flowers behind his head ... in all of the FRC sc's, (Matt walking up, standing, etc.) on the right of the podium is a spray of white flowers coming out of the pot along the railing ... it is coming out of the pot and falls to the left, just like the proposal shot. There isn't any spray of white flowers that come out of the pot and fall to the right like it would when you flip the proposal shot.

    I would post the sc's I'm referring to ... if someone would tell me how (tomorrow, cause I am going to bed now).

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    Re: Part 2: "Spoilers & Screencap Analysis ONLY" **SPOILERS** - Bachelor 12

    "Among the blind, the squinter rules." ~ Gerard Didier Erasmus

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