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I am so upset that Matt chose Shayne. Although I have to admit that she did make me laugh a couple of times this season (pulling out her makeup on the ski slopes was a hoot), I was pulling for Chelsea (and Amanda). From the time Shayne stepped out of the limo, then showed her behind in Las Vegas, I knew she was on the show to boost her acting career. And I thought Chelsea summed it up when she told Matt tonight that Shayne was the "falsest person" on the show and then called him a "fool" when she was crying in the limo. I've just joined this site tonight, finding it by accident when I was actually surfing the web trying to see if I could find an update on Shayne and Matt's current relationship status. I'll bet they don't make it. What about ya'll?
I agree...this ending was so scripted by the producers to make up last season. I am through with this show. What a let down.