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Thread: Erin S. **Spoilers**

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    Erin S. **Spoilers**

    Age: 33

    Occupation: Hot dog Vendor

    Birthplace: La Mesa, CA

    Hometown: San Diego, CA

    Currently resides in: Venice, CA
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    Re: Erin S. **Spoilers**

    There's got to be some story to this gorgeous woman being a hot dog vendor. Perhaps she owns or manages some kind of franchised hot dog place. I have a hard time imagining her with a hot dog cart out on the Venice Beach boardwalk.

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    Re: Erin S. **Spoilers**

    Wow...she sure strikes me as favoring Stephanie Niznik (Everwood).

    I flipped this picture to show the same direction although others look even more like her and even at the same angle, this one had the smile and most of the others are more serious.

    (I'm horrible at posting images in here for some reason so it's attached unless someone can insert it for me! ha!)
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