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Thread: Chelsea **Spoilers**

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    Re: Chelsea **Spoilers**

    You are so right Dodie, she is soooooo much better off. She probably wasn't thinking that then, but I'm sure she is now. You go Chels, we love you and you were positively beautiful tonight!

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    Re: Chelsea **Spoilers**

    This is my very first post...I simply could not help myself!!. After lurking on the boards for the last few weeks it was no surprise that Shayne was the F1...but....after seeing this last show, I simply could not believe it. My heart completely went out to Chelsea. Chelsea was every bit a lady tonight. She was beautiful, classy, smart and mature. Shayne reminded me of a little girl. She was a little annoying..jmo.

    Anyway, I saw a real connection with Matt & Chelsea. He should have never told her he was falling in love with her if it was not true. This was a weird season for me and I have seen them all. Something wasn't quite right and I was not really invested in either girl.

    Hopefully Deanna's season will get us back on track.

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