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Thread: Bachelor 12 Media Thread ~ Spoilers

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    Re: Bachelor 12 Media Thread ~ Spoilers

    Dutch Originals and Operation USA's Awareness Event for Burma Relief

    Bravo for them, they said that they wanted to do alot of charity events and they look awesome together.....

    ita and all i can say is THAT KISS IS HOT!!!!

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    Re: Bachelor 12 Media Thread ~ Spoilers

    Without watermark:

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    Re: Bachelor 12 Media Thread ~ Spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by renzii;3005666;
    I guess that I'm in a total minority here...the promos said a true love story with a very romantic ending and that's what I saw.

    I saw a fairly good looking guy dressed up to the nines, meeting 25 very attractive young women. Yes, he did say Shayne looked amazing in the first episode, but Amanda made the biggest impression and she got the first rose. Although Chelsea stood out in Vegas,I think that Shayne really brought herself to the forefront of his thoughts with her tantrum, and had it not been for her conciliatory apology, she might well not have earned that wine tasting date. But I do think he chose that for her in the same way Andy chose the glamour date for Tessa.

    The fact that he was affected by her looks, the romantic setting and the physical intimacy just meant he was .... male. As a 5ft 2 inch brunette myself who has always been involved with men at least 1ft taller that me, I'd like to say that the cuddling and occasional babytalk can be almost mandatory with this size difference... and a lot of bigger men do prefer it.

    And from that point I could see their chemistry just explode on my tv screen. I did see him interact with the other girls, but I never saw the depth of tenderness with any other.

    I guess together with Matt, I had my doubts... was she going to been the mean, spoilt society girl in the house who gets sent home to the relief of the other girls, so we could all cheer as good triumphed over evil?

    But then like Matt I was won over by the girl who tossed of round off back handsprings and pulled her skirt hems... down!, the girl who admitted (ruefully) to being high maintenance, the girl who brought makeup on the ski slopes, the girl who put her heart out there.

    I didn't need the game, the suspense, the surprise ending, the shocking plot twist.. I wanted the romance and that's what I got.
    That is exactly what I saw as well. Actually, I didn't think I was going to like Shayne in the beginning but she won me over episode after episode. I see a very grounded girl, who knows exactly who she is and isn't ashamed to be who she is. I think that is very rare for a girl her age especially considering she was raised in LA and is an actor's daughter. I just have to say BRAVO to her mom!

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    Re: Bachelor 12 Media Thread ~ Spoilers

    I think they look really cute together. Congrats to the happy couple!

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    Re: Bachelor 12 Media Thread ~ Spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by girlsmom;3005580;
    Yes, Sarah had a narrative role, but Shayne's constant presence in all but the first show was quite marked to me and others..
    Seems to me Sarah had to be shown in a narrative role because nothing much else went on between her and Travis. Little romance and not even many major conversations, as I understand it, just general comradeship that extended throughout the group activities and their dates. That left them with little way to showcase her except through commentary -- and commentary fit because it was the sort of reasonable, thoughtful but reserved Sarah that Travis picked.

    With Shayne, there was lots to show, and they showed it.

    I've been one of the ones who, for years, has been saying -- Just show me the love story, whatever it consists of; I don't want just a guessing game. So I guess what they did this season was for me -- there was a love story (whatever people think of it), and they showed it. So I'm happy. Of course, I actually liked all four top women, Shayne included.

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    Re: Bachelor 12 Media Thread ~ Spoilers

    Well, another Parasite Hilton wannabe in the making, she's got the Paparrazzi's eye now.

    That hand gesture she's making in that one photo is not exactly a peace sign. :nono

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    Re: Bachelor 12 Media Thread ~ Spoilers

    Someone please buy Matt some shirts that don't have French cuffs. They look atrocious when attempting to wear them for a casual look.
    (~writing ticket for fashion felony~):nono

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