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Thread: Thoughts & Comments in General #4 **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

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    Re: Thoughts & Comments in General #4 **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

    Quote Originally Posted by Lynn7;2657574;
    He did not say that. I have tried, very nicely in fact, to point that out, but very few people respond to it. It looks like he said that but he didn't, watch his jaw, it doesn't move.
    Thanks for drawing attention to this. You are right, while Brad definitely says these words, it is not at that moment. Either it is attached to that PI and they ran it while he is discussing other compromise issues or it was from a later PI when he is discussing the fact that he is willing to compromise for Jenni.

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    Re: Thoughts & Comments in General #4 **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

    Quote Originally Posted by Luvinrealtv;2657822;
    I know how you feel Lynn, I mentioned the rose placement on the table too, and although it's really good evidence who would be's not discussed.
    I read your statement, I looked at the rose and I had no idea what I was looking at. In all honesty I thought the rose was facing forward and it was the angle of the shot but I am not a pro like you all so I am just watching and learning.

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    Re: Thoughts & Comments in General #4 **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

    Quote Originally Posted by Luvinrealtv;2657822;
    I know how you feel Lynn, I mentioned the rose placement on the table too, and although it's really good evidence who would be's not discussed.
    The rose appears to be front to back, bud straight at the camera that is pointing towards Brad from down the aisle - or (more aptly put?) - on the podium it isn't pointing left or right, it is pointing straight ahead. I'm not sure how this placement makes it any more easy or difficult for whoever is standing on his right or left.......If the rose was placed diagnally with the bud pointing left or right, I think there would be an argument for placement, but with its position as is, I don't think it's an issue.

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    Re: Thoughts & Comments in General #4 **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

    Quote Originally Posted by dreamitup;2657533;
    More from the Home Town Date and the Fantasy Date. Haven't come across it yet. It seems that Brad has stepped up his game as far as DeAnna is concerned. He just sits there and she does all the talking.

    It worries me. I was away from you for a week and it felt like forever.
    I get worried about maybe feelings fading for you.
    Lets face it, these people could be my inlaws.
    I don't meet people like Jenni too often. At all, she's amazing.
    I promise that your daughter would be very well taken care of no matter
    what. Promise you.
    I know a good relationship takes compromise. I'm willing to compromise
    As long as your okay with it, I'm okay with it.
    Jenni is a woman who deserves someone to compromise for her. And I want
    to give her that.
    If it's true love a year apart means nothing.
    Every single second that I've spent with her has been great.
    I was hoping you'd run..(to me)
    How good it is to see you.
    Jenni and I have this understanding that we are very very
    attracted to each other. But a true relationship is so much
    more than that.
    What do you want to happen, talk to me. I want to beg her, don't
    hold back from me.
    I want to have a very serious toast.This particular day has been
    on my mind since I saw no no since I talked to you.
    Seeing you is one thing but your different in a very special way
    and I'm thankful you've come into my life.Thanks for being you. I mean
    that from my heart.
    I'm very open and I like it.
    This is a big step for me, it really is.
    No matter what the setting is with Jenni and I, I just feel comfortable.
    There are some feelings that are very very real they're so much deeper
    than physical attraction.
    We get each other.
    We just continually grow together and it feels really really good.
    I love the fact that DeAnna doesn't need me. One very important thing,
    I admire who she is. I could see myself with this woman for the
    rest of my life. I think I'll answer those question today by seeing how
    she is around her family.
    I don't meet people like your daughter very
    Do you think this could be real between your daughter and I.
    I have that sparkle in my eye every time I see her.
    The fact that DeAnna is still so strong after her mothers death and showing
    mf that soft emotional side, makes me fall for her even more.
    I truly felt like we were husband and wife in this family reunion.
    I want to find out if we have that true connection and move forward
    and take the next step.
    DeAnna kind of showed me up today. No only did we have fun she made
    me look like an idiot out there, and I loved it.
    I waited for this particular date from the first time I met her.
    I'm so happy to be here with you, you have no clue.
    I don't meet people like you very much.
    DeAnna put a lot on the table tonight. She told me she was falling
    in love with me. I was literally speachless. Words like that coming
    from DeAnna are basically everything that I've wanted to hear
    from someone like her..I was at a loss for words.Lets face it that's
    I think you're absolutely perfect, tonight has been perfect,
    I am developing some very stong and extremely real feelings for DeAnna
    Very Strong.
    She's everything I've ever looked for in a woman.
    I want her to know that I don't look at her as this object.
    I look at her as a soulmate.
    I can see a lifetime with DeAnna.
    today has been perfect.
    I am developing some very real feelings for DeAnna
    This is a great run down of what we have been allowed to see this season. If Jenni is F1 then we know for sure that most of their conversations lay on some editing room floor...if DeAnna is F1 then we have been given a glance at their relationship starting and growing...I think the answer is in what Brad is saying, just like he told Hillary he just wanted to be friends, but she didn't get it. Are we being "hit on the head" with something so obivious or did we not get to see the relationship grow at all???? Good job by Fleiss I would say.
    I will admit I am a DeAnna fan, I like Jenni, just not for Brad. I will feel bad for DeAnna if she is not F1 for I believe her feelings are true and they didn't hide this fact and I think she would feel somewhat embarassed to have this all shown and then she isn't with the man she loves, ouch

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    Re: Thoughts & Comments in General #4 **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

    Quote Originally Posted by winniechloe;2657545;
    As I looked back at the very first picture of the bachelor with all the girls I just noticed that Jenni is standing right next to him. Strange. and on his left side. It just seemed so weird to me that she would be placed there and wind up as one of the last two women. If you believe the theory that the girls from the wta usually pick the winner from what I have read in their interviews most are picking jenni. things that make you go hmmm. Still want to be on the buggy
    Anyone know where we could find a picture of Aaron's season-- he said he knew Helene was 'the one' that first night. Maybe if we could see where she was standing...
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    Re: Thoughts & Comments in General #4 **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

    Lynn 7 - I've also noticed that on some of his statements or replies the camera is forcused on the woman's face and all we get of Brad is a profile and some jaw movement. The compromise statement could have been made then in order to pull a reaction out of Jenni as this is when they were discusssing her career. During the FT, he also tries to pull a reaction out of Jenni regarding her "feelings" about him, so all we know is that he is working hard to make a full connection with her.

    Oh, I love a man and his t-shirts! Now you've found that his gray one is a major character in this it the deux ex machina that gives the word - only in obscure places where the masses will miss it, or are those PIs placed to fit the storyline situation and not in real time reaction? We already have figured out the blue/white striped shirt is from the DeAnna's last chance date, yet used to further the storyline during the Fantasy are the gray t-shirt PIs being used in the same way?

    Why are they telling Brad's side of DeAnna's story backward? Why is he explaining or reacting to past situations and not in the present? Is it because his feelings finalized on that last series of dates and they didn't have anything in the "can" to build the story, so they made him fill in the pieces? Interesting questions to ponder over the next week. Thanks for the grayness of it all.
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    Re: Thoughts & Comments in General #4 **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

    I just looked at the pictures on the alphabet medianet page (I can't post them though cause I#m not a member or whatever there) and I noticed that there is another picture of Jenni and Brad after the F2 rose ceremony beside the one where they are looking into each others eyes. It's on the second picture page when you go to the medianet-bachelor-website. That picture looks like I would pose with a male friend of mine, but not with my boyfriend! Their heads are far apart, they're basically just standing next to each other (and he probably has his arm around her waist, but the pic is too small to see it). If you look at the picture with DeAnna, Brad has his head against/on hers, which just looks way more intimate to me. Just an observation...
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    Re: Thoughts & Comments in General #4 **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

    Quote Originally Posted by Montrealgirl;2657309;
    The ATFRC will be filmed on the 16th of November. Does someone has the Suns schedule and verify if there's a game or not?
    They don't have a game. I would think Jenni would be there if she is F1 or F2

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    Re: Thoughts & Comments in General #4 **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

    Quote Originally Posted by lakerat;2658097;
    They don't have a game. I would think Jenni would be there if she is F1 or F2

    I'm thinking they would schedule the taping so that Jenni could be there regardless of the ending, just as Bevin was at last season's AFR

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    Re: Part 3: "Spoilers & Screencap Analysis" **SPOILERS** - Bachelor 11

    Quote Originally Posted by simplechef;2658134;

    I think she gets kicked to the curb because she admits she came on the show for exposure but instead fell in love. Brad feels betrayed and kicks her to the curb. Bummer for Jenni, because she gets her heart broken for being honest. If I was Deanna, I'd be pretty dismayed that I was picked by default.
    I'm lost. Can you clarify when this piece of information comes to light or how you came up with this theory? I must have missed this significant piece somewhere in all the postings.

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