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  • DeAnna. Brad likes her no-nonsense 'tell it like it is' personality and wouldn't mind becoming one with her Southern peaches.

    208 55.91%
  • Jenni.This career dancer spunky b'ette knows what Brad likes...a little bump & grind mixed with an abundance of squealing.

    109 29.30%
  • I'm a devoted Bettina fan, but since she's toast, I think he'll choose DeAnna (may they both rot in vat of moldy peaches).

    5 1.34%
  • I'm a devoted Bettina fan, but since she's toast, I think he'll choose Jenni (I hope those giggles haunt him for the rest of his life).

    12 3.23%
  • It ain’t happenin’ this season. No proposal. No engagement. Nada. 'Friends with Benefits ending all the way.

    38 10.22%
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Thread: Poll: Who will Brad choose? **Possible Spoilers**

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    Re: Poll: Who will Brad choose? **Possible Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Estella;2660718;
    Last year someone in Hawaii said that Andy chose a girl named "Beviny"... so I guess if someone in Cabo said that Brad chose the dancer (Jenni), that means he chose DeAnna
    I was thinking the same thing, Estella.

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    Re: Poll: Who will Brad choose? **Possible Spoilers**

    I have felt the connection between Brad and Jenni since day one. It was the way he touched her head and kissed her head even as far back as the circus. It is the way he kisses her. Powerful chemistry is hard to overcome.

    I am concerned about the solidarity of the comments he made about Deanna (soulmate) and the positiveness of her hometown date. It was essentially perfect. Lots of family warm and fuzzies. Upper middle class money, yet nice folks.

    Poor Jenni. . . a "hometown" date at a salon. With a bar owner and you serve screw top wine. Like Reunite? But her folks were humble and sweet and were trying to do the best by her. But maybe Brad could respect coming from his own hard times. . . just how much they were putting it out there for him in their best way.

    However I rewatched the episode again. . . and the same reserved face he used for Bettina. . . whom he cut, was the same face for Deanna. With Jenni he was lit up like a light bulb. . . during the whole FD.

    The final dates. . .it appears Deanna is more ahead, but so little is shown.

    I screwed up on the rose game. . and didn't follow my gut with Jenni as I should have.

    I am going with my gut this time. . . I am picking Jenni.

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    Re: Poll: Who will Brad choose? **Possible Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by cupcakes;2660491;
    A Bettina fan.... I believe Brad will choose Deanna, but I personally would love for him to choose Jenni.

    I am with you on this cupcake.

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    Re: Poll: Who will Brad choose? **Possible Spoilers**

    I voted for DeAnna, but am really not sure.
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    Re: Thoughts & Comments in General #4 **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

    I am going on the record as saying after watching this he DOES NOT CHOSE ANYONE.

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    Re: Poll: Who will Brad choose? **Possible Spoilers**

    DeAnna. Fo sho.

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    Re: Poll: Who will Brad choose? **Possible Spoilers**

    It's got to be Jenni. In his final comments last night, Brad was very clear that Deanna is the perfect choice -- "on paper," so to speak (sorry, Bettina). But he said it with absolutely no emotion in his voice.

    Deanna is a drag, and she drags him down. I think this is a guy who needs to be happy and upbeat, and Jenni is both.

    Also, they didn't show the "Jenni brought her portfolio" episode in the WTA, which was just about the only negative thing they could have pulled out concerning her. But they DID show Deanna saying "girls are bitches" and Chris referred to her as a bully.

    I just get a very nasty, snide feeling from Deanna. If he chooses her, I think he's in for a rude awakening.

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    Re: Poll: Who will Brad choose? **Possible Spoilers**

    I've put another poll on our front page following a request to try and see where people stand.

    You may post comments, but please do not post any spoilers in the thread or allude to any spoilers or anything derived from sleuthing.

    The Bachelor - Who Will Brad Choose? **NO SPOILERS PLEASE**
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Re: Poll: Who will Brad choose? **Possible Spoilers**

    Who does Brad choose? No clue whatsoever.

    Who do I think he should choose? Jenni.

    Jenni for all the appearance of being a giggly puff fluff has what it takes to make it work with Brad ... she is successful in the pursuit of one of her dreams ... at her level of dancing (cheerleading if you must) it takes a tremendous amount of hard work, dedication and a strong work ethic. She is used to dealing with competition of catty jealous women and by all appearances doesn't let it faze her.

    DeAnna holds a real estate license and bartends ~ what we are shown of her is that she is an in your face, gotta know right now competitive girl ... where is her dream? Is she waiting for someone to bring it to her? Will she view every girl, opportunity in the future as her competition for Brad?

    Brad and his partners are very successful in the their current businesses and look to expand ... who will have a better understanding and the emotional security of what that takes ... in my opinion .... Jenni.
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    Re: Poll: Who will Brad choose? **Possible Spoilers**

    I thought the poll would be closer. I think things are starting to lean toward Jenni, but people cannot revote or change their vote.
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