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Thread: Body Language & Non Verbal Communication - *Spoilers*

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    Re: Body Language & Non Verbal Communication - *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Not Unusual;2684929;
    My sister and I were talking about the above quote tonight, and we both remembered Lynn7 saying this. And we agreed that you, Lynn7, absolutely hit it on the head when you wrote this. You could see him do it at the FRC and you could see it at the ATFR. When he shuts down, he shuts down. The end, no changing.

    So I went searching through your old posts because I think you deserve big credit!
    Well, thanks . I saw that another poster mentioned that his mother said that he sees things in black or white during the home town date with his family. I wasn't surprised that his mother said this because if *I* could see this, who doesn't know him from a hole in the ground, but I do understand body language, though I'm by no means perfect, then of course his own mother would. I imagine it would be a tough way to live. I always like to look for grey; or think outside of the box, myself.

    I realize that we are winding down the season but I wanted to share a couple of things about how difficult it can be to communicate when you don't hear properly. I can't speak for the other ladies but my experience is that "pardon me" is my most often used, and most dreaded used, words (people tend to look straight at you when you say "pardon me"). I really abhor asking people to look at me when they are talking so that I can read their lips; it just, what's the word, I feel like there's a big spotlight on me...LOL In large groups I tend to close up, and just sit back and watch, or only communicate with one person, because I can't keep up with all the conversations (ie: lip reading); especially if people are drinking because they tend to interupt each other more often than if they are not. I have been looked at like I'm daft, more times than I can count, in the former situation, or a snob, in the latter. I've only just recently felt comfortable opening up about my hearing loss to strangers or new acquaintances, primarily because of being on here, because, while I don't like putting a disability out there (long story), I would rather that people try to understand that I am just trying to understand what they are saying. If that makes sense? Ha, I think that's a Lynn7ism...LOL

    I can't count the number of times I heard/read the name of a singer wrong and referred to them as that wrong name for years before someone corrected me. Or, learning nursery rhymes in school and doing the same thing, repeating them to my kids the wrong way until they corrected me. Or thinking a boyfriend said something that, had I understood it the way I thought they said it, I should have been upset. And have, actually, gone a day or two being upset because I thought I understood completely only to finally clarify it later to find out it was not that at all. I have finally started to learn from this whole experience here that (1) do ask people to repeat themselves and if you have to tell them you don't hear right big deal and (2) if I don't understand something that someone I care about has said then I should question it right away and not stew over it because the fact is that I *don't* hear properly; it's just a fact of life and I need to accept that. So, I want to thank all of you fine posters for contributing something back to me too.

    The things I do know for sure:
    1) Brad did not pick anyone
    2) Babyface is a hottie
    3) I need detox...LOL
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    Re: Body Language & Non Verbal Communication - *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by MomLady;2685566;

    I wanted to take this time and say thank you for your well thought out posts. I did not often agree with you, since I saw the major connection with DeAnna and Bettina or Jenni like you did, yet I do feel I learnt from them. I like how you explained what you saw.

    I do not have explanations, instead I draw from the body language where it would fit in relation to other settings and my gut feelings. When I posted things that were in my gut as how I saw it, you took the things I posted and gave a body language reasoning to them, or other connections. I always keep my mind open to learing new things. I have felt I learned some new things from you this season.

    I dread the day, they start posing the people one shot after another.
    Hey, we all benefited from this season of the Bachelor in some way or the other.

    You know, it's interesting, for me, to go back and read what I wrote because, in hindsight, it actually makes a little sense, since I would never have expected him not to pick somebody, but it was right there in front of my eyes. (1) I just never saw anything deep with Jenni from the get go (2) I thought Bettina was going to be it; then the HTD happened...LOL and (3) with DeAnna, while I saw something there, many times what I saw was confusing to me with respect to how Brad responded to her (that kiss at FD though...WOW! Babyface kiss me like that !!!), and even DeAnna with him, it was so contradictory and confusing at times.

    So, there you go. Next year I will watch with the distinct possibility that he or she may not pick anyone.

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    Re: Body Language & Non Verbal Communication - *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by LemonDrop;2651836;
    I don't know what it means either but when I kiss my hubby, I'm the one that usually holds his face. It's always been that way. He on the hand holds my hands...

    I suspect it is different for each couple because I asked hubby if it was that way with other women he kissed and he said no, it was different- something about the way they "fit together".
    Upon re-reading the posts in here, now that it's over, I saw yours here and wondered whether the touch side of our respective relationships has anything to do with our hearing loss? Is your husband hearing impaired too? Touch, visual, lights/candles so I can see, are just a given with me. Brad seemed to be a face toucher, touchy feely, kind of guy, but I'm wondering if there might be more to it for us who don't hear properly?

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