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Thread: Body Language & Non Verbal Communication - *Spoilers*

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    Re: Body Language & Non Verbal Communication - *Spoilers*

    All depends where you look and what you want to see....


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    Re: All you need to know...

    Quote Originally Posted by RandalR;2645040;
    A woman playing with her hair is flirting and/or a sign of attraction, but a woman will also touch her NECK, when she's attracted, or sometimes lift and elongate her neck ... see photo in upper left corner.

    Look for mimicking too. See if Brad mimics the moves of any of the girls at dinner.
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    Re: Body Language & Non Verbal Communication - *Spoilers*

    I thought that for the sake of many questions that I would try to find all of my posts relating to body language. Here they are, in their most "purest" of forms. I know, for a fact, that there are more but I just couldn't locate them, sorry.

    Originally Posted by Lynn7
    I don't know how to sleuth from screencaps but I do read lips, body language and facial expressions (I'm legally deaf but not 100%).

    This is my analysis of tonight based on Brad's facial tendancies (he is way too easy to read):
    He liked/thought they were okay:
    Sheena 23
    Mallory 24
    Michelle 30
    Jenni 27
    Hillary 27
    Jade 24
    Sarah 23

    He was physically attracted (only physical) to:
    Solisa 25

    He was definitely attracted to/blown away in all ways to:
    DeAnna 25
    McCarten 26
    Bettina 27

    Brad indicated more of a response to brunettes as opposed to blondes but he did respond to blondes; just not as much.

    He was uncomfortable when Mallory asked him to take off his pants and come into the pool but he did want to go into the pool with her. I'm thinking if he was one on one he would have but he wasn't about to do it in front of all of the women.

    Brad completely softened when he asked Bettina if she wanted to accept the rose. There was definitely an immediate bond on his part with her.

    In the post show clips there was an incredible kiss between Brad and Bettina. The kind of kiss that is an "I'm in love with you" kiss as opposed to an "I'm kissing you because it seems okay to do it kiss."

    I'm saying it comes down to Bettina and DeAnna.

    Brad comes across as a genuinely caring and good person, a gentleman, someone who knows how to treat a woman/lady.

    Okay, how many drinks do I have to partake of???

    Originally Posted by Lynn7
    I actually don't form emotional opinions, if that makes sense. I just like to test out my abilities simply to see if I was right.

    A body language thread might be good if you think enough people would actually refer to it along with the spoilers thread. For myself, I think I'd prefer to keep it all in the same place so you get screencap analysis coupled with other types of analysis as opposed to referring to two different threads for information.

    Other tendancies I noticed are that Brad slightly clenches his teeth on the left side when he is happily surprised/likes someone, like he did with McCarten and Bettina and only slightly with DeAnna. He takes a breath and noticably blows it out, slightly moves his head right, sort of like you would do if your tie was a little tight and you are trying to loosen it a little, when he is physically attracted to a woman. I only saw him do that twice. Once with Solisa and the other with DeAnna.

    Thanks echo and Jewelsy. I could go on and on but I didn't want to be a thread hog...LOL (hard to do at post 1432...:-))

    Having said that, a couple of other points, when Brad finally comes in to meet the women you might notice a lingering look at Bettina as he is walking in, hands raised. If you slo-mo it you can't miss it. When he says, "Exceeded my expectations," he is looking in Bettina's direction again. Keep in mind that many of the women in that area were not picked so I don't think I'm making any assumptions here. The eye line is definitely her.

    Solisa's body language when she meets Brad says to me that she is more into herself than Brad. I don't know how to describe it. It is almost as if she couldn't care less to be meeting the Bachelor but is more interested in being *on* the Bachelor.

    Sarah was pretty tipsy and that Brad didn't seem to notice that surprised me. He doesn't want a party girl as Melissa showed us. That poor girl!!! She must be so embarrassed.

    Arggh...he actually did the head twitch thing with Bettina as well, so that would make three that he is physically attracted to.

    DeAnna and Bettina both came across as very sincere women to me. Hillary, too, but I don't think she'll last. All seem mature, self secure, and not catty (except Hillary...who seems catty). Bettina comes across as a little shy compared with DeAnna who is very outgoing. It is like Bevin and Tessa all over again.

    Jenni, without an 'e', comes across as, well, to me, as insecure despite her exuberance. She is so incredibly cute but her annoying laugh and, what I call, phony, though it might not be, demeanour, will not win out in the end. How do you say?...she just comes across as so incredibly insecure to me. Her body language says so...sorry.

    Bettina might come across like she doesn't have substance but, as a very shy person myself, not to mention that if I'm in a croud I completely shut down because I can't hear anything, it doesn't make me like her less. I don't like to outshine others in an intellectual sense if in a crowd. I appreciate her because she is subtle and the fact that there is a pureness about her. do you describe that??? They were so incredibly shy/fumbling around each other too. I didn't see that with any other woman.

    Brad has his hands full this season.

    I was asked about the kisses and how I would interpret them. I didn't see side by side pictures of what was requested so I'll give it my best shot simply because the question was pretty straight forward.

    Cradling the head, while kissing, is a far more intimate form of kissing. It's protective, respectful, intimate, romantic, gentle, tender and deeply loving. This type of kissing, how can I say it...if you picture the person cradling the head as subconciously asking for more, very slowly, to see if the person being kissed is responsive to or interested in that. It's gentlemanly in a way too as opposed to being too aggressive.

    A full body bear hug is more friendship based (think of how you hug your loved ones, if you are a big bear hugging type of person) because there is a comfort level there but it can also be more of a passionate kiss too but I'd need to see it to know the difference. This kind of kiss can actually turn a woman off, even if she doesn't indicate it at the time, if the man just jumps into this kind of kiss because the signal it sends off is dominance and aggression and women like to be able to say yes or no to more. If you understand what I mean by "more?" Also, a full body bear hug kind of kiss can begin with the cradling the head kind of kiss.

    I could go on and on and on about this but I think you get the jist. The bottom line is that a cradling the head kind of kiss indicates far more emotional interest whereas a bear hug kiss indicates more physical interest (if I'm thinking about the right kind of bear hug kiss).

    I hope I answered your question. Let me know if you need more.

    Thanks...he's definitely into DeAnna. I don't take it as purely physical with her but there is a physical attraction to her. It is definitely deeper than just that with her but not enough...if you know what I mean.

    I picked these two (Bettina and DeAnna)...I don't know if I was the first but I think I was pretty close to being the first person on this site.

    His immediate response to Bettina was overpowered but protective and loving. He was tongue tied (sp?) when he talked to her, shy, nervous, fumbling behaviour. The protective behaviour is what sold me. He wants to look after her. His body language was so very unthreatening toward her but accepting toward her, when they talked, and she was also fumbling and shy around him.

    Hey, what can I say, I'm calling it after one show this year...LOL

    I apologize in advance if this isn't the right place for this. Please PM me and let me know if it isn't.

    This is what I took/read from tonight.

    Brad was so very uncomfortable having his t-shirt removed by Estefania. He is outgoing in some ways but very conservative and shy in others. Removing clothing in front of a crowd is something he does not like. These women would be smart to let him take his clothing off when *he* is ready to. He seems to really shy away from aggressiveness (he shows awkwardness and nervousness).

    He was genuinely beaming, and I believe he hugged her first, when he saw DeAnna at the race track today. What I found interesting was DeAnna's expression when his horse won. This girl is a competitor and was not happy that his horse won. Might cause problems for them; might not. She is still coming across as guarded/careful to me. Maybe the explanation will come out at some point.

    He is just not as into Hillary as she is into him. He just doesn't engage with her when they talk. What would you call it...listening politely but not lovingly.

    Did any of those women at the race track, or the house, actually care that Michelle was injured? No, I didn't think so. How cold.

    Wiping that kiss off his lips, from McCarten, was a show terminating gesture for her. She might last one more week. He was uncomfortable with Estefania trying the body shot. The kiss with Jenni was odd to me. Brad seemed more into her in that moment, he was tender and caring, than the other way around. I don't know if I'm reading Jenni wrong or what but with her perma smile it is hard to read changes in her facial expressions.

    His expression when he saw Bettina and started talking to her was close to being giddy with excitement. His eyes were shining and with teeth beeming in a smile it shows he doesn't want to hold back with her.

    Okay, initially hockey won out but, er, well here I am

    Tonight was an interesting one, to be sure. Does ABC own stocks in Kleenex?

    You would think that Jade would have at least sensed that Brad was just not that into her. Why would she have thought anything other than he was setting her up to send her home on that 2:1? His physical interaction with her was simply polite and forced. He was scratching his head, hardly touching her, when they were talking.

    Why did Jenni act so surprised by the date card for the 2:1 when Chris told them all, right from the beginning, that this is how that date would end, with one person going home. It struck me as overacting or something. Her date with Brad, well, what can I say, they were all over each other. Clearly there is a physical attraction there but I saw some genuine interest on Brads' side that he really likes her. He is so comfortable opening up with her. Cutting some meat and giving it to her was an indication that he feels laid back, comfortable around her, feels free to be himself, etc. Jenni is up and down for me. Why does she keep saying she wants him to fall in love with her? Doesn't she want to fall in love with him? Sometimes she seems genuine but other times she seems like she is playing along. The big smile, squinty eyes come out when I'm not sure I can believe what she is saying but when she drops that, and leaves her features more simple she seems sincere. I hope you got that because it is hard to describe

    When McCarten asked Hillary if she feels like she is being cheated on, woah, the look on DeAnna's face was telling. That question has her thinking. She was surprised by the question, and looked to and from Hillary, then started looking though asking herself the same question, and I don't think she was comfortable with her answer. The more Hillary kept talking the more uncomfortable DeAnna what was being said really hit home with her, too. DeAnna and Brad don't seem to have the same connection that they initially had. It's almost as though it has cooled off. Their kissing was so awkward looking to me. No real rythym, if you understand. He did put his hand up into her hair, which is normally a more loving kiss, but his thumbs weren't caressing her cheek as I would have expected, thus, not as intimate as his kiss with Jenni. And what was with DeAnna cutting Jade off and trying to one up her at every turn? Brad noticed it, and seemed awkward, uneasy, maybe on behalf of Jade, and he still gave DeAnna the rose?

    The editing of the comedy date had me surprised that Bettina got the rose. These two really like each other and they aren't coming across as fumbling like they did the first and second show. They behave toward each other like they have reached a new level at some seems far more easy between them. I really like how they communicate, when we are shown it. She is a communicator unfortunately we just aren't being shown that yet. When Brad came to join the ladies at the table, before giving the rose, he locked eyes with Bettina and then looked her way again. She was smiling big right back at him. She genuinely likes him for who he is. What aren't they showing us? When he went over to give her the rose his face was lit up and the tight, body squishing hug, was definitely not your brothers' hug kind of hug. He held on to her like he wasn't going to let her go. (Note to screencappers: he gripped her hand after letting her go from the hug and you can see her pink nails...a good hand cap if you ask me).

    Brad's comforting of Kristy looked similar to how he interacted with Jade. It wasn't loving, in terms of gesture, but more of a 'come on boys let's go back in there and win won for the team' knee patting.

    He and Sheena have more of a bond than, say Jade or Kristy, but I just don't see sparks from Brad yet. He isn't quite as comfortable around her, in terms of freely communicating with her, like he is with some of the other favourites.

    Hillary strikes me as a nutbar. I honestly don't know what else to say. She is a chameleon and that is just scary.

    I tried to edit my post but my computer died and I ran out of edit time.

    I tried to add this about DeAnna. Arms always crossed on her lap; legs crossed, but always pointed toward Brad. I could be more descriptive about what that body language really means but I don't think it's allowed. Maybe the explanation of her guardedness will come out at some point. Moving the hair away from her face is a protective gesture on his part. However, having said that, he did that after she told him about her cheating ex so it could be mis-read as genuine sympathy.

    I tried to add this about Bettina. Bettina doesn't grip her arms or cross her legs, always pointed toward him, while talking to him so she trusts him and is very attracted to him. She is nervous about telling him about her divorce but that is separate, if that makes sense.

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    Re: Body Language & Non Verbal Communication - *Spoilers*

    Wow! and Thanks! I know it must have taken a fair amount of time to go back and put your previous posts together for us. I'm really grateful. I can tell that there are many others who also appreciate and look for your lip reading/body language expertise.
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    Re: Body Language & Non Verbal Communication - *Spoilers*

    Lynn7, thank you for taking the time to find all of your old posts. I enjoyed reading them. Did you have any analysis for the HT dates? Also, I noticed you had your F2 right off the bat. Since watching more episodes have you narrowed that down to the F1? Thanks again for all your work.

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    Re: Body Language & Non Verbal Communication - *Spoilers*


    I agree with the others. Thank you very much for posting your older posts. I found them intresting to read. If I had know there were others who enjoy the body language side of watching I would have started this thread a long time ago.

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    Re: Body Language & Non Verbal Communication - *Spoilers*

    great insight Lyn... thanks for collecting all of your posts

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    Re: Body Language & Non Verbal Communication - *Spoilers*

    YES..YES...This is the post I was trying to find before...I think it is an insight to go back and see what the impressions were from the "beginning"...before we were spoiled by choppy editing and forming opinions about the girls we really don't know!

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    Re: Body Language & Non Verbal Communication - *Spoilers*

    Thank you for this wonderful thread, I find it interesting to read the different perpesctive on what you see and we miss. We listen and you watch the bodies interact, facial expressions and what all we miss. Thanks for all the great insights.

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    Re: Body Language & Non Verbal Communication - *Spoilers*

    This is a fascinating topic. I wonder if anyone could take a stab at interpreting Brad's body language and facial expressions when he was offering the roses after the home visits.

    Great thread.

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