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Thread: A few of us from FORT met Brad Monday night!

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    Re: Thoughts & Comments in General #3 **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

    Quote Originally Posted by glowgirl;2640680;
    I wouldn't ask about your take on the show, but I would like to know more about Brad's businesses. I know you missed seeing one of them, but can you share something about his bars.

    (you never know, Bettina's dad might be reading)

    Wow! Just hit me which episode you watched with Brad.
    I think this was meant for the happy travelers and not me, so ladies anser her please and we will all be waiting. And what about the sleuther questions about body language and such. If you watched Monday's episode you had to have seen something and not just was on the tv. Should have had your husband video tape Brad watching the episode even though he can sometimes shadow it all.

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    Re: Thoughts & Comments in General #3 **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

    Quote Originally Posted by zen4;2640621;
    Thank you BlondieGal for confirming what a an amazing guy Brad is. I also like your latest posts regarding the fact that you think that there was a love connection after all. Am I to assume that you got that impression after your visit?
    Actually it was watching the hometown visits that I had that impression.

    Quote Originally Posted by simplechef;2640622;
    Blondie, I hope you didn't take my question to mean you were snooping about him... I meant did he know that you do come to the FORT to try and figure out the winner before the final show.. like a detective.
    Oh no, I did not think that at all simplechef. Yes, he knew all of us were from the Fort and are trying to figure out the show.

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    Re: Thoughts & Comments in General #3 **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

    Quote Originally Posted by cafegirl;2640559;
    I just have to do a little sharing in behalf of my close friends and fellow sleuthers, BlondieGal, Jelle, Grneyedgirl about this past Monday and an experience and trip of a lifetime. I know each of them will probably want to share also, but I know I can speak for the group in saying this.
    Not to be too catty BUT we ladies and Blondie's wonderful husband, had the unique and amazing privilege of meeting Babyface (from the FORT), but Jason in real life and Brad (yes, Brad as in THE BACHELOR) in Austin on Monday. Words can not due justice to the excitement we felt in meeting and getting to visit with first Jason and then Brad.
    OMG, you guys that's so exciting! You got to see the bars AND meet Brad?? Lucky dogs. I'm so glad you all had such a great time and that they were so welcoming and friendly.

    The biggest thing I want to say, is that I want what's best for Brad and what he feels will make him happy. We're all waiting like each of you to see how this plays out, but trust me in saying that to know him, would only make you want for him to be happy with his decision whatever that was!!
    P.S. as you can imagine, I'm still floating on cloud 9!!
    This, is very good to hear. After rewatching the dates, Brad really does come across as a really genuine guy, so I'm glad that he's that way in real life too.

    So, if it turns out that my 'favorite' doesn't win, I hope all of us can be happy for Brad. As long as there's no "I love you" and "I love you, too" shenannigans in the finale, I think we can all manage... hopefully...

    Thanks so much for sharing!
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    A few of us FORT sleuthers met Brad Monday night!

    Oh my GAWD - I am so jealous. I could tell he was a sweet guy.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Re: Thoughts & Comments in General #3 **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

    That is very cool all of you got to meet Brad and Babyface!

    Are the bars nice, btw? Or are they more of a 20's type hang out place? Maybe I should just ask you to describe the bars.

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    Re: Thoughts & Comments in General #3 **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

    How awesome that you all got to meet Brad and Jason and confirm how great Brad is!! It is nice to hear!!

    So wow - you got to watch the Bettina debacle with him...that must have been slightly uncomfortable!!

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    Re: A few of us FORT sleuthers met Brad Monday night!


    It was an absolute pleasure having ya'll visit this past Monday. We had a blast! It was ya'lls vacation but Brad and I kinda feel guilty that we may have had more fun than you! Something that made it particularly comfortable for Brad was ya'll being considerate and respectful of his having to keep his mouth shut about who he picks, etc.

    You have no idea how many times people abruptly (and many times, rudely) bombard him with their opinions of his decisions (who he cut and who he kept), their opinions of the girls that are still left, and ask him to please spill the beans on who he picked. From just our PM's amongst jelle, Blondie Gal, grnyeygirl, and Cafegirl it was obvious ya'll are mature and professional sleuthers of the upmost respect. Not to mention damn good people.

    I'm so glad the day went as it did and everyone's schedule worked out.
    We actually made 5 more friends!

    Monday really was our pleasure. Thanks, again.


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    Re: A few of us FORT sleuthers met Brad Monday night!

    The bars all had a different feel to them ~ absolutely perfect for the university crowd from the three bar we toured. The places were all very friendly and looked like a perfect place for a fun time.

    I actually had the best seat in the house (on my husband's lap) but not perfect in seeing Brad's reaction since he was behind me in the booth and to my left, so I could not give you all of his facial expressions or reactions during the night. There were seven of us in the booth (including Jason and Brad) ~ nice and comfy ~ watching the show on a huge projection tv! For me, it seemed that he was most excited about watching Jenni and DeAnna's hometown date. He did not tell me this ~ rather appeared to look forward to it. Given what we know about those dates, that seems like an appropriate reaction.

    Yes, the crowd would boo and cheer given what they were shown on TV. I have never watched the show with a group before, so it was quite the experience! The crowd was REALLY into the show.

    We teased Brad about taking pictures of his hands for vein analysis. No, we did not do that.

    My husband said that DJ Ashen announced that that people from the Fort were present in the bar that night!

    If I am missing any questions, please let me know.

    No, I am not from TX ~ my husband and I flew in from another state. Yes, I have the best husband in the world.

    Jewelsy, thank you for coming up with the idea of establishing this thread on it's own. You are a peach!
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    Re: A few of us FORT sleuthers met Brad Monday night!

    Kudos to you gals for setting up the trip and having husbands that agreed to go along.

    From reading all of your post, I guess I know now why I have chosen not to pick a favorite this year. I knew in my heart that this Texas guy had to be the "Real Deal". Obviously he is and so I will stay in my non-committed corner the rest of the season. (that is....unless Fleiss gives us some real footage to slueth)

    Hugs to all of you and thanks for confirming my suspicions about Brad being a "True Texas Gentleman".

    Cheers to Texas!
    Gotta The Fort
    The place that keeps you in touch with reality!

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    Re: A few of us FORT sleuthers met Brad Monday night!

    Colour me GREEN

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