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Thread: A few of us from FORT met Brad Monday night!

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    Re: A few of us from FORT met Brad Monday night!

    Quote Originally Posted by jelle;2653212;
    When we were in Austin, the crowd in the bar booooooood Bettina's homedate and Boooooooood when Sheena was let go.

    These are not sleuthers but friends of Brad and the guys and patrons of the Thirsty Nickel. They had a great time watching the show. I don't think it says anything about the girls, only that they were enjoying watching a silly show that one of their friends happen to be on. If they had popcorn they probably would have thrown it at the screen.

    While in Austin, we heard nothing ... nothing .... negative said about ANY of the girls on the show - the real girls. Funny things that happened, but NEVER mean or negative about a person. A bad edit does not mean a bad girl, nor do lousy parents dates make a lousy girl. But parents being lousy to your friend on TV do warrent booooos and thrown popcorn

    ITA jelle--I never once heard a negative work spoken about anyone. Never.
    I think that people probably booed because they are a little protective of Brad. Everyone seems to want nothing but the best for him. Like Jelle said, if a friend isn't treated nicely, it makes us want to throw popcorn at the TV screen.

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    Re: A few of us from FORT met Brad Monday night!

    Quote Originally Posted by echo226;2641811;
    W.O.W. ... What an amazing journey you've had and what exciting connections you've made ! ( drink, drink, drink )

    I just saw and just read though this thread and ... well ... I know it sounds a little sappy ... but I feel buoyed up by the spirit in here !

    How wonderfully gracious of Jason to invite you, host your visit and how kind of Jason, Brad and all to extend such warm hospitality !

    AND, how nice it was of all of you to share your FORT mini meet-and-greet with all of us here ! You could have kept all the hottiees to yourselves. So thanks a bunch ... even if you are rather secretive about the smells and all.
    I so agree. . it takes reality to REAL. Thank you all for going. Congrats on making our assumptions about how REAL he was REAL. I have felt that from this bach for the first time. I just hope for him it turns out to be okay. He seems like a great! guy!!!!

    Super job you all. And many, many thanks to Babyface for setting it up. You lucky girls and guys!!!

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    Re: A few of us from FORT met Brad Monday night!

    Quote Originally Posted by babyfaceC;2645443;
    Please do not repeat this... I know how it ends... Brad's favorite was Melissa ("sweetness") from the first night. The producers made him cut her against his better judgement, but its been bothering him ever since. When they say "you won't believe how it ends" they are referring to her showing up at the FRC with a full martini glass splashing all over the cameras, as she is professing her love for Brad ("sweetness").

    Just kidding. I do have a favorite. And after the show is over I can tell you why she is my favorite. I don't know who he picks, but I also wouldn't want to sway anyone's opinion with my own. To me, it is obvious who he should pick. But, I'll just wait. I think all the girls are great. Bad edits don't make for bad girls. No one is perfect. You shouldn't believe a girl is "bad" for Brad or anyone because of the way she comes across in a 1 hour reality show. They are all amazing people. They are all being over-analyzed! It comes down to who Brad wants to be with.


    Jason is a Greek name, isn't it ? Wonder if Brad's chosen is wearing the golden fleece, eh ?

    I actually have a question about the photos on the Chuggin' Monkey website. The sequence and captions clearly look (to me) like they were put up to to lead to and "feature" DeAnna. I'm not going to ask you NOW if that was on purpose, and realize she may or may not be your favorite and may or may not be Brad's choice. But will you tell me after, please ?
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