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Thread: Thoughts & Comments in General #3 **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

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    Re: Thoughts & Comments in General #3 **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

    Thanks for posting that Kittykat3006 .

    This season I'm staying neutral and keeping my eyes open to all options/possibilities for the FRC and who it might be. Well actually I'm on the Bradmobile

    Luckily I still have time to change my mind which is a women's perogative by the way.
    Smile it makes people wonder what you are up to.

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    Re: Part 3: "Spoilers & Screencap Analysis" **SPOILERS** - Bachelor 11

    Quote Originally Posted by TrevsLiv;2657268;
    Many people thought that VO was about Jenni because many times when prople only see the physical side of a couple's relationship they will comment that the female is the guy's sex object or play thing. So that's probably why people thought it was meant about Jenni evenr though it was said during DeAnna's time with Brad. I admit I thought that immediately even before everyone told me it was on here, because there was no reason for it to be said about DeAnna.
    I was thinking about Deanna saying she found this special "thing."

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    Re: Thoughts & Comments in General #3 **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

    Time for#4.

    This thread is closed for business.

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