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Thread: DeAnna ***SPOILERS***

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    Re: DeAnna ***SPOILERS***

    Newangirl - please convey my heartfelt hug to DeAnna. I am emotionally devestated by this ending. Yes, it was crazy and never before seen...but, why?

    DeAnna was a reason to watch the show. I can't help feeling like a mother whose daughter has been heart broken.

    When she's ready, have her take a look at Cosmo's Bachelor07 spread and Alabama guy. He's looking for everything she is - and he has an education. Sorry, couldn't resist the Bettina dig. Guess I'm still pissed off and will be for some time.
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    Re: DeAnna ***SPOILERS***

    Unbelievable! I have to say that when Brad left the podiam and walked around upset and in circles, it seemed to me that this was the part that was the lie. He seemed to know ahead what he was going to do..say goodbye to both women, but found it really difficult to say goodbye to DeAnna because there was real feelings with her. But it almost seemed like he HAD to say goodbye to her which made no sense. Why wouldn't he say I can't promise you anything except that I want to continue our relationship?????????????????? ????????? That is the part that is bothering me. Why say you HAVE to say goodbye?? It wasnt a fall in love and propose or you have to say goodbye proposition!!!! He has a choice to still see DeAnna!! He chose not to. So, Brad's hiding behind well, I didn't fall in love, is nuts!! I wonder if we will ever get the full story here.

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    Re: DeAnna ***SPOILERS***

    Since the finale is over we are going to close some of these spoiler threads.

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