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Thread: Thoughts & Comments in General **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

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    Re: Thoughts & Comments in General **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

    Nope. I like him a lot, so far. Better than most of the past bachelors.
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    Re: Thoughts & Comments in General **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

    I agree - I love him too!!! He seems real and down to earth to me - he seemed to have very real genuine reactions

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    Re: Thoughts & Comments in General **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

    I like him too!!! He seems genuine and down to earth like everyone else has commented. And, I love him for laughing at silly things like Morgan's toes!! That was so hilarious how he couldn't stop laughing!

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    Re: Thoughts & Comments in General **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

    Quote Originally Posted by Piano-Girl;2586171;
    Am I the only one that is "not feeling" this bachelor?

    Just something about him gives me the ick. Anyone else?
    Not "ick" ... but I'm not certain what all the "sexiest ever" hype was/is about. Everyone has their own opinion of what makes someone sexy, so I really don't get it. He's not bad looking, but I've seen better looking, and seems he ( and his wallet ) are healthy for now but I don't see any mystery or particular depth ... so I just don't get what makes him sexier than say Andy ?

    He's OK, but my pom-poms aren't sweating, so maybe it's just because they touted him as sexy so I'm in show-me mode ?
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    Re: Thoughts & Comments in General **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

    He doesn't come across so badly, to me, he is even likeable and appears sincere, whereas, I could hardly stomach HDDA(Handy Dandy Dr Andy).
    It's the choice of ladies that leave me flat. They seem very immature for the most part and I have a hard time seeing these early 20 aged girls keeping the attention of a 34 yr old man for long--after the bikini season is over, that is.

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    Re: Thoughts & Comments in General **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

    I really like Brad. He is very kind, down-to-earth, and genuine. I loved how he laughed about the web toes, and I thought it was very cute that he took his shoes off and rolled his pant legs up and sat on the edge of the pool and chatted with Mallory. That was a big plus in my eyes.

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    Re: Thoughts & Comments in General **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

    I liked him. Not sure about sexiest bachelor ever. He is cute, and does seem very real

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    Re: Thoughts & Comments in General **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

    Quote Originally Posted by PickyChicky;2585826;
    Hi Everyone!

    First post here. I am glued to the boards to read all of the insight and sleuthing results.

    I didn't find anything definitive on this. Is this the first time Chris actually says 'who will be Mrs Brad Womack' (or something similar). Isn't it usually who will win the bachelor's heart or something more like that?

    The tagline of having to watch the beginning to believe the end - maybe it has to do with this? I think the very next girl shown was DeAnna after Chris said that.

    Any thoughts?

    to the FORT, PickyChicky! Yes, this is the first time Chris has used the "Mrs." tag line rather than "lucky girl". I think that is because Brad's storyline is that he is stubborn about finding a wife and making this experience his own - not a retread of previous shows; not just a "maybe, hope this works out."

    Now, if only the girls weren't retreads of previous shows. There is the exhibitionist, the shy one, the jealous one, the sensitive one, etc. Standard Fleiss casting techniques. Fleiss is indeed a jerk. The injury this year has been hyped in previews even more than the injury last year. This year they happened to have helicopter landing footage (from when Brad takes Jenni high up on a roof for a date amongst a paen to oil drilling) and used it to imply that Michele was rushed to the hospital by air, when in fact, the paramendics loaded her into an ambulance.

    An interesting bit in one screencap of her lying on the stairs with paramedics hovering is the placement of a pink bucket on the stair above...was this what cause her to trip or slip? Had someone on staff been washing down the stairs? Mystery...Fleiss editing sometimes allows you to make up your own stories from between the lines.

    Chris and Brad should have made an instant connection both being from Texas. I think Chris is now way into his new job as a Reality TV snark, and is enjoying that a lot. He is still bright and cheery in his sit-down hosting role on HGTV's Designer Challenge, however.

    A snark badge for those who ask is my dearest wish this show. No emotional attachment, but taking a step back and learning to be like Chris - a little sarcastic, or like MsFroggy - a lot witty. It's a tough badge to earn.
    The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. Dorothy Parker, (attributed)

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    Re: Thoughts & Comments in General **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

    Quote Originally Posted by fan*addict;2585856;
    I was bustin a gut! rofl That (the boob!) had to be the BEST yet!!!:
    Toss up between the boob and the webbed toes for me. Actually...the web toes was so funny I completely forgot the boob.

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    Re: Thoughts & Comments in General **Spoilers** - Bachelor 11

    The more the episode went on, the more he grew on me! I like him!

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