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Thread: Who is the season 12 Bachelor?

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    Re: Who is the season 12 Bachelor?

    Quote Originally Posted by MsFroggy;2810175;
    I don't think I ever "found" anything either. But that's really not the point. The point is the discussion we're all having. That and seeing dumb people doing corny things and saying dumb stuff like "amazing connection" and "journey" over and over again. Can't beat that.
    Amen Ms. Froggy.....

    I would have to say last season the super sleuthing award should have gone to Cape.....

    The private investigator award to blondie gal and her entourage that actually visited the bar.

    And an insider info award to babyfacec who at least knew stuff and was brave enough to post here....although is lots more revealing now.

    I applaud the contestants who were eliminated already and are brave enough to post this season. Now THAT will be good info....if they are telling the truth (hopefully).

    Bach is a true people watching FEST!!!!

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    Re: Who is the season 12 Bachelor?

    Matt's cute.....not Brad Pitt hot, which is good, but an understated he's British, so the accent doesn't hurt his hotness factor any! :-)
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