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Thread: Thoughts and Comments in General - Bachelor 10

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    Thoughts and Comments in General - Bachelor 10

    Since we know that Dandy proposes during the final rose ceremony, have we started seeing any early warning signs of a true love connection? What about chemistry? Hot and heavy sparks?

    This is the place to discuss why you think *insert name* is a front runner and would would make the perfect wife for Dandy. Not seeing ANY chemistry with *insert name*? Why is that?

    Everything "Non-Sleutherish" (yeah, I made it up ) belongs here so we can keep the "Spoilers/Speculation/Screencaps" thread dedicated to screencap pixel hunting, nail bed micro analyzing and hair color/length deep discussion.
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    Re: Who do you see Andy spending the rest of his life with? **Possible Spoilers**

    Excellent idea Jewelsy. Can't wait for the heated debate to begin.

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    Re: Who do you see Andy spending the rest of his life with? **Possible Spoilers**

    Great idea Jewelsy. It's too early to tell. But I kind of like Amber as a match. But that's only because I liked their talk on the beach, their playful antics on the monkey rings and the slight romantic spark. Too early to tell - so this will be a great thread as the weeks go by!

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    Re: Who do you see Andy spending the rest of his life with? **Possible Spoilers**

    I like Amber because they seem to share an interest in the same things. It really is too early to tell, but initially, I like Amber.

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    Re: Who do you see Andy spending the rest of his life with? **Possible Spoilers**

    I like Amber as well except for being pretty young. She did have the conversation the first night about loving kids as well as their QT on the beach which gets her brownie points.

    It's still too early for me to commit to one or the other. I can see several possibilities just because of the very little hints of important conversations aired the first 2 weeks..sort of like Jen S in Andrew's season questioning her compatibility in his lifestyle. Real questions and answers. Danielle gets points so far because Andy volunteered that her graphic designer job is pretty portable as well as the fact that she is committed to charitable endeavors.
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    Re: Who do you see Andy spending the rest of his life with? **Possible Spoilers**

    Great idea Jewelsy! Question: Can we discuss any possible preferences, etc. that Andy has stated in interviews or article outside of the show or posts on the interent? I'm assuming not and that you just want to see opinions based on the two shows that we've seen and what could be inferred by what's been stated by or about him on the show?

    Thanks for starting this!

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    Re: Who do you see Andy spending the rest of his life with? **Possible Spoilers**

    Yeah, I also like Amber, but my favorite right now is Danielle... we don't get to see her very much, but she seems to be such a sweetheart! And it was so cute when Andy kissed her ear! I can't warm with Tessa for some reason, although there seems to be some kind of connection between her and Andy. But I don't see them together.

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    Re: Who do you see Andy spending the rest of his life with? **Possible Spoilers**

    Of all of them, I like Amber and Tessa the best for him. Bevin is annoying, and Danielle is just blah. However, I still don't feel I know enough about either him or the women to know if annoying or blah is a correct way to categorize them, or if he'd like blah and/or annoying a lot, .
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    Re: Who do you see Andy spending the rest of his life with? **Possible Spoilers**

    I'm jumping into this mudbath with both feet. I said after the first show that it is Bevin. It is hers to lose. And I'm sticking with my assessment.

    They shared a laugh at their first meeting and they shared a laugh at their first 1:1 time. It was the sharing of laughter that caught my attention. Her first interview showed her ga-ga about him (ala Sarah B's first interview during Charlie) and he showed he was physically attracted. I've read, heard, etc. that the first attraction for a man is physical and that criteria has been met.

    The second show we see the "attraction" is still in place, but now the 1:1 talk delved a little deeper. They are getting to know one another. Bevin, I think, was concerned that she had revealed a little too much about herself, and that was the cause of her nervousness about receiving a rose.

    Her edit second show wasn't so much harsh as it was off-putting. Her comments about not receiving time (the whole collage at the pool was amusing) also added to her nervousness about receiving a rose. She feels a huge attraction to him, but he goes flitting off with everyone but her.

    To this point I see her as being up front with him and open to the experience of finding a mate. I don't see her as desperate. Since when did 28 become the age of spinster desperation?

    She has been compared on the board to Lisa and Moana - Hooray! Both of them were (are) women of substance whom I admire. I'm looking forward to admiring Bevin as well.
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    Re: Who do you see Andy spending the rest of his life with? **Possible Spoilers**

    Jewels, you rock!

    I firmly believe that, at this point in time, our robotic hero has not yet made a choice. However, since his wishes are completely irrelevant as far as I'm concerned, I have some ideas as to which one of these aspiring famehos would be just right for him. Well, "just right" may not be the best way to put it, more like "most likely to eagerly follow the script".

    Which one of the remaining "ladies" is willing to give up her career, willing to come in behind RobotAndy in every marathon and make sure she lets him do more push-ups than she does, willing to get pregnant right after their superhero wedding (conveniently sponsored by ABC, of course) and, last but not least, willing to let our wooden, boring superhero be his own wooden, boring superhero self all around the world while she sits sweetly at home polishing his many, many, many trophies?

    Since that obscenely tasteless superhero batmobile he's currently using is just an expensive prop, as are the lavish yacht and all the exotic - oh, well, somewhat exotic - dates, the final lady needs to know that she'll probably be driving a Chevy, staying at the Best Western and the only yachts she'll see in the future will all be anchored in the marina where she won't even be able to afford to pay for parking. In other words, RobotAndy has been fancied up by Fleiss a bit. A great bit. The final lady needs to be able to see beyond the trappings all the way to the Chevy Cavalier.

    Currently, they're all blinded by his snowy white hero cape and gleaming set of four dozen teeth. I'm looking for that one smart girl, and this may be difficult knowing Fleiss' penchant for casting complete idiots, who is not impressed by RobotAndy and the circus. However, she can't be too smart because if she were she wouldn't be on this show. The whole thing only works if the participants are either somewhat dimwitted or big enough famehos.

    My current favorite is Amanda, maybe since she hasn't talked that much and is likely to be gone before the final four, before she can sustain any lasting brain damage from RobotAndy's excruciating monotone voice. I like Amber too, however I highly doubt she'll be the final one since she just might be able to outrun, out-bike, out-swim and out-whatever him. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Not ideal.
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