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Thread: Editing: Is Fleiss messing with us regarding the editing? **SPOILERS**

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    Re: Is Fleiss & Co. messing with us regarding the editing? **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by Pebbles&BamBam;2357359;
    Women meeting Andy the 1st night: This is the order they showed them.

    Car 1:
    Alexis (no - she was not in this car)
    Nicole (she was)
    Amanda (she was)
    Paton (she was)
    Catherine (she was)

    Susan was in the 1 st car, but they show her get out in the 3rd car.

    Car 2:
    Amber (she was)
    Blakeney (she was)
    Danielle V. (she was)
    Jackie (she was)
    Stephanie KS (she was)

    Car 3:
    Tina (not sure - hair could be her)
    Erin (not sure)
    Susan (no - she was in the in the 1st car)
    Stephanie SC (she was)
    Danielle I (she was)

    Candice was in this car, but they show her get out in the 4th car.

    Car 4:
    Bevin (not sure)
    Tessa (not sure)
    Candice (no - she was really in the 3rd car)
    Jeanette (not sure)
    Lindsay (not sure)

    Car 5:
    Kate (not sure)
    Linda (not sure)
    Tiffany F (not sure)
    Jessica (not sure)
    Tiffany W (yes because she said she was the last one)
    The rose made this year's order tougher to fake. for ex. If someone came before the rose was given out,in reality, there is no way they could make it look like she came out last.

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    Re: Is Fleiss & Co. messing with us regarding the editing? **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by i<3realitytv;2357349;
    backpack girl looks like they are in Hawaii, don't you think?
    I just went back and looked at the picture it does look like Hawaii. I get confused with all of these pictures. The hair looks too light, curly and yellow-ish to be Bevin's hair. It looks yellow-ish like Stephanies but not as curly as Stephanies..more like Danielle's texture. When you photoshop pictures it sometimes changes the tints so they color probably means nothing.

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    Re: Is Fleiss & Co. messing with us regarding the editing? **SPOILERS**

    I think they are being very very careful not to give us giveaway screencaps this season. We had the horseback riding picture from Episode one, but they thought it would be hard to figure out because there were so many dark brunettes.

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    Re: Is Fleiss & Co. messing with us regarding the editing? **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by Estella;2357274;
    Well, some people have seen something happen between Danielle and Andy... it doesn't necessarily have to be making out, like Bevin and Andy, or giving foot massages, like Tessa and Andy. I'm one of the people who have seen the sparks between Dani and Andy from day one... we just see them connect on an emotional level (and it seems we're getting the physical level tomorrow, just not as "hot" as with Bevin)... but I know some people don't see it and there's nothing wrong with it. I don't see anything with Tessa, still most people do... Let's hope everybody gets to see what they are hoping for tomorrow night

    You know I am there too, Estella. I am hoping the helicopter girl is Danielle or if not maybe there is another explanation. Barring that, I hope if it is Tessa, that I see more from the Cinderella date because their interractions don't seem too convincing to me. There is a screencap - pg 9 or 10 that has Danielle and the othe girls in teh limo - going to Andy's boat. Danielle is shown as enthusiastic to see Andy - imo. There has got to be some reason why she is so cheerful all the time !

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    Re: Is Fleiss & Co. messing with us regarding the editing? **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by Wryle;2350558;
    Someone way back when questioned why they would send "hurt ankle girl" (as my non-sluething mother calls her) on a hike. I agree that that would seem counter-intuitive, but the other F2 date would also be painful. Climbing up onto a horse with a sore ankle is no easy task, and swimming? my ankles hurt just thinking about it! Even just trying to walk through the ocean would be painful and she would be constantly trying to maintain her footing. I think that may put her in more danger of reinjury than a simple hike.

    And as for F3 dates, snorkeling would pose similar problems. The flippers on a sore ankle? I had/have weak ankles from injuries over 10 years ago, but when I snorkel they ache terribly. I can't imagine doing that with a recent injury. I am not sure about the zip-line, but I can imagine if you come in too fast you would need to brace/catch yourself with your legs, and Bevin couldn't do that.

    I would say "why not change the whole dang thing for her then" but I gather that Bevin really wanted to show Andy her adventurous side. They probably picked what they thought she could handle.

    But what do I know.
    Here is my take (posted a few days ago in another thread) on "why hiking" for Bevin's date. I also think they are using the term "hiking" loosely.
    "I reject your reality and substitute my own!" Adam Savage, Mythbusters

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    Re: Is Fleiss & Co. messing with us regarding the editing? **SPOILERS**

    My good, friend, PJ, you know I consider you a dear friend and great sleuth, but I find it so interesting how opposite we are in seeing the edits this season. You know who I think is F1 and I know you're pulling for Tessa, so what interests me is how so many Tessa fans think her edit is similiar to Ian's, while several like me, who think Bevin is the final girl, see a parallel of Bevin's edit to Ian's. I guess there is lots left to interpretation. For me, it's not that I'm trying to figure out how to make the edit so many see of Bevin, fit into a mold that will explain why I believe she's the F1. It just jumped out at me that Ian's edit is so similar to the casting doubt, despite the strong connection, to Bevin's, the same as I see Dani getting Ryan's from Jen's season's edit and Tessa's edit is a little harder to peg, but to me fit's Sadie's the most.
    It's really sort of hilarious when you think about it. We have been in agreement season after season of this crazy show. Until now. Great - that can only mean that Fleiss is getting better which is a very scary thought.
    I can totally see why you say what you say. For the first time in 2 weeks I can see how someone can read the Bevin edit to be like Ian's. I guess you are more articulate than you know. But it still doesnt work for me at a gut level. And I think I have finally figured out why. It's because Tessa is so far and away above the level of the average bachelorette in many , many ways(that I have already articulated many times on this forum) . And many of her strengths, interests, qualities and characteristics dovetail exactly with what Andy is looking for. It's so different than Sadie on so many levels. Lorenzo had so little in common with her in comparison.

    When I add in the unnecessarily mean aspects of the Bevin edit (showing her spanx twice etc. - just plain mean!) it starts to deviate from what I remember of the Ian edit. They always showed him to be a gentleman. Just had one problem - unwilling to commit. The tvBevin has many issues the producers highlight.

    I guess none of us can wait for tomorrow night and hopefully , more previews. What a season!
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    Re: Is Fleiss & Co. messing with us regarding the editing? **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by bamabrain;2357090;
    What we do know about the edit is that it will prepare us for the F3. Therefore, Danielle will be allowed to talk about something other than her past, Tessa's commitment to this amazing journey will strengthen, and Bevin will stand her ground, hurt ankle and all.

    The Danielle supporters will claim that she is being brought to the fore now, the Tessa supporters will claim that her presence is increasing, and the Bevin supporters will claim that she was there from the beginning.

    I think it's too early to tell from the edit. That said, I'm going for the more subtle but not stealth story of Tessa. However, I have absolutely no stake in this and am subject to change my mind at the first FRC screencapping analysis. I'm looking forward to that more than to the engagement.
    Bama, I know a lot of people already commented on what a good post this is, but I had to say, that I think this is one the best and most concise summaries w/o offending any of the girls (although, we will agree to disagree at this point about the F1)
    Actually, the best comments that I agree with totally are the last 2 sentences. This should definitely seal the deal of who is F1.. because I don't think the super sleuthers at the FORT have ever gotten the final girl wrong once the previews for the last show and FRC are revealed!! We're way too smart for Fleiss to fool us then! I look forward to that as a sleuther more (well almost) than the engagement.
    I will add that, no matter how much I've liked or not liked the final person (Bachelorette or Bachelor) I have always gotten sentimental and even weepy for a sincere, heartfelt ending.......... i.e. Ian & Mere, Byron & Mary, Trista and Ryan and Andrew and Jen... even the short sincere ending of Charlie & Sara B... brought a big smile and a tear to this somewhat jaded romantic.
    So WHOEVER is the final girl, I just look forward to a happy, believable ending!!!
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    Re: Is Fleiss & Co. messing with us regarding the editing? **SPOILERS**

    I'm looking forward to that more than to the engagement.
    bama you are too right and too funny. A great engagement is the consolation prize for the end to all the fun we have sleuthing.

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    Re: Is Fleiss & Co. messing with us regarding the editing? **SPOILERS**

    I've been trying to figure out my reaction to this season's drama. When I watch the arrival of Bevin in the first episode she seems very pleasant and attractive, and Andy seems to have a very positive initial reaction to her. As the story unfolds, Andy and Bevin seem to develop a strong mutual attraction. I have no favorites among the women, so, why then do I not have a more positive reaction to the romance developing between Andy and Bevin? When I watched the episodes again I discovered that as Bevin's character is revealed several aspects that I've not found particularly endearing have gradually emerged. In the very first episode she makes comments that seem focused on the competitive aspect of the situation, and though that may not be a bad way to approach this event, it planted a question in my mind about her motivation. When Bevin discovers that it is Peyton's birthday her response is "...that just means one less rose to give out and the competition's on." Also, when she sees Andy with another of the ladies during that first episode, she says, "Wait. Wait. Wait. He's sitting down with someone else now." In subsequent episodes, she begins to reveal a pouty almost childish side to her personality. At one point she says, "I haven't had any one-on-one time with him and I have to say I'm pretty damned bummed...I think I deserve a little one-on-one." She is jealous when Stephanie of-the-first-impression rose gets the first one-on-one date and not only expresses her jealousy, but adds, "...let's just hope that she gets seasick." Funny, but not very nice. A victim-type mentality also seems evident when she gets injured and cries, "Why does it always have to happen to me? ... Why does it have to be me that's hurt?" Also, later, when she returns from the hospital with her coveted rose she makes a point of informing the others that she also got a beautiful watch. Maybe she did not intend it to seem like gloating, but when she passed the watch around for all to admire her action could be interpreted that way. Still later in that episode, even though she had already received the rose, the watch, and alone time with Andy at the hospital, she laments, "I didn't get any one-on-one time. I feel like the dud of the party." Then, of course, in the last episode to air, there is the melt-down in Tahoe. Her actions can be attributed to the injury, stress, and lack of sleep. But justifiable or not her actions, from the pouty response to Andy's question to her tearful breakdown, come across as an immature display for a 28-year-old ,independent, strong woman. I think that some of the negative impact of that scene could have been mitigated by seeing Bevin apologize to the other women for disrupting the date. Whether or not she apologized we don't know. What we do know is that we did not see an apology. Editing or reality? I don't know, but if Andy and Bevin are to emerge from this as the love story I'd like to see, I hope they will begin showing Bevin in a more positive light, and not someone who declares that no one there is a friend and no one can be trusted, after several of the women there displayed what I consider acts of kindness and friendship in helping her to prepare for her meltdown date. Whew! My apologies for the extended post.

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    Re: Is Fleiss & Co. messing with us regarding the editing? **SPOILERS**

    It will be great to see Andy and his final woman happy, no matter who it is!

    But the icing on the cake (at least my cake) is still that my favorite wins his heart! LOL I know it's wrong though.
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