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Thread: Bachelor 10, Part 4 - Spoilers & Screencap Analysis ONLY***SPOILERS***

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    Re: Bachelor 10, Part 4 - Spoilers & Screencap Analysis ONLY***SPOILERS***

    Quote Originally Posted by bach_neo;2370522;
    Andy has mentioned in Episode 3 (during aircraft carrier date) when he gave the rose to Tessa that they have a lot of things in common. He knew things about her like her Lake Tahoe time share and their SF experiences which suggested a previous conversations that were not aired. As for being athletic, she's an expert skiier (she went too Middlebury College in Vermont which is ski country and has in lived in skitown Jackson Hole), and she trains for the triathlon and marathon where she was discovered for the show. She's in the humanitarian/caregiving profession, a career that she didn't have to pursue with her education and connections, so it could only be because of a real desire to help and give back to community. I have never heard him mention about having things in common with Bevin in any of their conversations. During their playground date, he was clearly surprised to see Bevin's reaction when she was with the kids, so that suggests that he has never had any conversations on this nature (kids and community service). That's why I'm having a hard time fitting her in that comment about being the best fit for him. It's always their physical connection that's emphasized and nothing else.

    Also, funny thing about that aircraft carrier date, Andy also acknowledged that Tessa might not be there initially for the right reasons, and Andy being a methodical person when comes to his cutting people, that would have been a kiss goodbye for Tessa. Choosing her instead was Andy at his contrary's best. But pre-RC he totally justified that by saying that as analytical and methodical as he is, he admits that sometimes in life, he has to listen to his gut feeling (and looked straight at Tessa when saying this).
    Well thought out post, bach_neo.

    It's clear to me that Andy and Tessa have much common ground, are on the same page, so to speak. It seems they have a lot more depth to their conversations than he has or has had with any of the other girls. JMHO.

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    Re: Bachelor 10, Part 4 - Spoilers & Screencap Analysis ONLY***SPOILERS***

    But this could also be the beauty of everything too. She has fallen that much in love.
    One thing that I think Bevin fans are forgetting. Tessa, any person can see, she is totally in love or truly in like with this guy. She is overly so, BUT the biggest thing is that she is too scared to show it. She probably as the most feelings for Andy but her shyness to it and her fear of being hurt makes it appear she is not as in love with him as say Bevin. Rather she is the final one or not, I believe this is the case.

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    Re: Bachelor 10, Part 4 - Spoilers & Screencap Analysis ONLY***SPOILERS***

    I will be closing this thread and starting Part 5.

    Please take the time to read the entire first post in the Part 5 thread.

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