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Thread: Multiple Spoiler/Speculation Threads Are OK **PLEASE READ**

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    Multiple Spoiler/Speculation Threads Are OK **PLEASE READ**

    We currently ask that you post all spoilers/speculation and screen cap spoilers in a single thread.

    As there are a lot of you posting, the thread soon gets to an unmanagable size, so we'd like to try a system of having different spoiler/spec threads for different topics.
    For example, if you have a screen cap of an engagement ring clad finger and want to discuss who that finger belongs to, you can start a separate thread.

    Our hope is that each thread will be easier to navigate and, although we know there is bound to be some crossover talk between the various threads, each new thread will remain as on topic as possible.

    We ask that you still bear in mind that thread titles can appear on the main forum listing and the site front page, so please ensure you don't put any spoilers in the thread titles.

    Hopefully having seperate threads will make the forum easier to use that having to negotiate one mega-thread that soon grows to several pages.

    We won't be going through the existing thread seperating out posts, so if there is something you think merits it's own thread please start one.

    Hopefully we can make this system work.
    If you have any questions please contact a mod or post them here.

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