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Thread: Bachelor 10, Part 3 - Spoilers, Speculation & Screencaps ***SPOILERS***

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    Re: Bachelor 10, Part 3 - Spoilers, Speculation & Screencaps ***SPOILERS***

    I was just browsing the MySpace pages. Most of the girls still in the mix have logged in 4/16, Bevin logged in 4/17. Danielle has not logged in since 4/15.

    I also looked @ Danielle's sister's page. In her upcoming events is
    Kokua Festival
    A Benefit Concert for the Kokua Hawaii Foundation featuring Jack Johnson, Eddie Vedder, Ernie Cruz Jr., Matt Costa, The Girlas and more!
    April 21 and 22, 2007
    Waikiki, Oahu - Hawaii


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    Re: Bachelor 10, Part 3 - Spoilers, Speculation & Screencaps ***SPOILERS***

    I want to compare this with the footage from next week's RC. These pictures would seem to be Amber, but, then again, what color dress is Tina wearing at the next RC? Is Amber wearing a ring on her index finger?

    It would seem that Amber is in need of consoling, not consoling Bevin.

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    Re: Bachelor 10, Part 3 - Spoilers, Speculation & Screencaps ***SPOILERS***

    Quote Originally Posted by i<3realitytv;2334387;
    Couldn't Nicole be wearing the red dress to the Rose Ceremony?
    My thoughts exactly. Nicole is wearing the red dress to the rose ceremony and it's her night to go home.
    My picks to go: Nicole, Kate, and at this point Steph T, but a possible Tina instead.
    The above post--that is Amber with the rose with her back to us, inthe teal colored dress. Amber and Bevin get the roses ahead of the RC this week.
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    Re: Bachelor 10, Part 3 - Spoilers, Speculation & Screencaps ***SPOILERS***

    I have a we know how Tessa gets the Cinderella date? Does she win something, or does Andy pick her?

    Also, do you think they could be changing the way they are editing, due to the fact that we know Andy got engaged, and perhaps want to show us the complete love story? If so, I'd say hands down Bevin is the winner. But I still say Fleiss is all about tricking the audience, and that Tessa or Danielle walk away with their officer (hopefully Tessa).

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    Re: Bachelor 10, Part 3 - Spoilers, Speculation & Screencaps ***SPOILERS***

    What do you think about Tessa getting the time to see Andy in his element? I've read that the girls don't really know what they are in for marrying a Navy Dr.
    Could this possibly be important? Also isn't it usually bad when the bachelor says the girl is wife material? But we know that Andy is different in his approach from what I can tell? What are the great sleuthers thoughts on this?

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    Re: Bachelor 10, Part 3 - Spoilers, Speculation & Screencaps ***SPOILERS***

    Another question. What is the significance of Bevin continuing to get a rose before the RC? Is this to make her the favored one in the viewers eye?

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    Re: Bachelor 10, Part 3 - Spoilers, Speculation & Screencaps ***SPOILERS***

    Megapost&#174; part 2

    Quote Originally Posted by bamabrain;2334327;
    I need to see the FR6 toast again, with hand and nail analysis. We know who 5/6 of the F6 are. Between Steph T, Tina, and Nicole, who is number 6?
    Tina or Nicole, whichever is on the restaurant date.
    Quote Originally Posted by armywife;2334329;
    I like Tessa, she seems very nice, but she is a bit annoying - I can't pinpoint what it is - but she seems very emotional..not that it's a bad thing but she is a bit too cutesy. I truly think Amber is shining and I am shocked that she won't make the F3.
    Tessa as the new Estella? If she wins, maybe that's the edit.

    To the casual viewer, through the first two episodes, Stephanie T is winning. First Impression Rose, First 1-on-1 date, another early date rose, first kiss. As for second, Tiffany got the bonus alone time, but had no chemistry, Amber on the other hand hit it off on her bonus alone time, so she's in second. Bevin and Tessa are third. Daniellie is well behind. (I forgot to post this before the show.)

    And through three episodes, Stephanie and Amber are still doing well, but Bevin and especially Tessa, have improved their chances. Danielle is still well behind. Stephanie W finally moved up, perhaps ahead of Bevin but behind Tessa.

    This is my opinion of what a typical non-sleuth viewer would say.
    Quote Originally Posted by winniechloe;2334332;
    I agree wouldn't you thought he would have gotten rid of erin or kate.(put them on the date with tessa) Peyton seemed more open with him. Which he is always harping on.
    I'd like to know how the date-of-death is chosen. Tessa and Peyton? Well I guess it could have been Amanda & Erin, he would have had to give one a rose then.
    Quote Originally Posted by i<3realitytv;2334345;
    It's hard to say, I thought their little talk tonight, ended the conversation about the boyfriend forever. If it comes up again next week, then I will count her out. But if not, I think it could be the beginning of something very good. Like she said she is ready to move on, and Andy now knows that she is ready to move on and love again. I will have to wait and see.
    Beating that dead horse would doom Danielle. But two issues:
    1. Is Fleiss steering the conversation?
    2. Is it merely editing? One early conversation, repeated for us, over and over.

    They must have something, as Danielle was picked first this time.
    Quote Originally Posted by heatheshells10;2334347;
    My sleuthing eyes think that the legs of the girl in the red dress going into the chinese restaurant belong to Tina. If this is the case, why would she continue on if she her one/one time in Tahoe with Andy did not go well. When is the restaurant date? I am really confused lol. Anyway, I have looked at that particular picture for a long time because I think it will seal the deal for the final member of the top 6. What are your thoughts on this?
    The restaurant date is in episode 5, when they're down to 6 bachelorettes.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wiccan;2334354;
    Who is this? And boy she is tring hard... check out her hand and leg placements...

    Andy is giving her a teally tight lipped kiss, imho...
    Amber. And I don't see that as a tight-lipped kiss. Look closely, he has her upper lip between his.
    Quote Originally Posted by cafegirl;2334371;
    i<realitytv, I just cannot see that red dress having a white band in just the front... I don't see that from a garment construction standpoint (possible but not as likely. Mixing red w/ white in a cocktail type dress is rather unusual when you look at formal dresses.) I see them as 2 different dates... Usually when they have the Cinderella date is is at a special hotel or theater or museum or something besides a restaurant. Who knows though.
    The Cinderella Date is always upscale, beyond what the other dates are. I really don't see that as Tessa. But it would open up a lot of possibilities.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jewelsy;2334373;
    So, I'm curious. . . did you all get it right about the girls who didn't get a rose tonight?
    According to the Leaderboard, most of us must have.
    Quote Originally Posted by i<3realitytv;2334387;
    Couldn't Nicole be wearing the red dress to the Rose Ceremony?
    As that's where the crying is, yes.

    The BUS! It's on the Tahoe group date!
    Quote Originally Posted by armywife
    Guys. So this pic knocks out the idea that it is a Fantasy Date since it is in next week:

    We see Andy Hugging Bevin on the couch - same outfits.. Bevin same dress and Andy same grey sweather with black tshirt.

    I disagree armywife. Andy wore that sweater for bootcamp. He may have only one sweater. That kiss is an awfully intimate kiss. But that could explain why he's carrying her, her ankle injury, not passion. But no way could she wear those high heels just days after a sprained ankle! I'm holding out for a Fantasy Date. That would be about four weeks after the injury, plenty of time to heal.
    If this is Tahoe (pic below) then unless Nicole changes into a Red Dress at one point - then the crying we saw for next week in the previews is not next week - as well as we can rule her out of the restaurant date:
    (I think that is Tahoe.) Nicole wears the red dress and is crying at the RC, not in Tahoe. That doesn't preclude her from wearing a different red dress to the restaurant. (She loves red and green.) It looks like Danielle and Kate next to her.
    Are we certain this is the goodbye walk and not walking to go out to dinner or something?
    It's the walk-of-doom. It shows clearly in the video. He puts her in the limo, alone, and sheds a tear as she leaves. F4 elimination, for Amber.
    Tina next week?
    I think so.

    During the Hugging in the room next week? Andy took off his sweater???

    Note the orchid on the table. That screams Hawaii, not Tahoe.
    Tina or Amber?
    Amber, after-gambling alone time.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wiccan;2334444;
    Originally Posted by koolangel
    The casual outfit Danielle has on in the PI I'm talking about looks lavender. Jacket with lavender flowered t-shirt. They showed the PI during & right after her 1-1 with Andy at racetrack. Not the same outfit as racetrack. In a room with candles & flowers behind her. Sorry can't post pics yet. Any thoughts on when this happens?

    Hope it's same day/nitght. She's again talking about her fiance.
    I think I have it this time... sorry...

    What!!!!???? I didn't see that! I checked my tape, and there's only one PI from Danielle during the race, and she's in the black leather jacket, with her sunglasses on her head, standing in front of the row of yellow cars. I have no such PI. Where did you get that? I'll have to check the streaming video at ABC.
    Quote Originally Posted by cynicgal;2334473;
    Amber must get a rose from her one on one with Andy.

    Good catch.
    I'm sure Bevin got her rose on a one on one date also, goes along witht he hallway girl I believe.

    I'm not sure these go together with the hallway.

    If Amber gets the hottub and a rose following the casino, how could Bevin get a rose for her post-casino alone time?

    Could that hug be Stephanie W? What is she wearing on the casino group date? Does she also have such a tattoo?

    Is Bevin's hair this blunt cut? I think this is Stephanie W!

    We have to match tattoos! Fleiss, you almost got us!

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    Re: Bachelor 10, Part 3 - Spoilers, Speculation & Screencaps ***SPOILERS***

    I loved last night how Andy commented that Danielle was in this for the right reasons.
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    Re: Bachelor 10, Part 3 - Spoilers, Speculation & Screencaps ***SPOILERS***

    in your mega post you say that the "orchid on the table screams Hawaii not Tahoe."

    That, by the way is not an orchid. Neither is it a zinnia. It is a Stargazer Lily and is very common anywhere! So I believe that still is in Tahoe.

    By the way, they have a very peculiar scent... not my favorite scent at all!
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    Re: Bachelor 10, Part 3 - Spoilers, Speculation & Screencaps ***SPOILERS***

    Quote Originally Posted by Poodles;2334499;
    Hi! Still awake here in Seattle! I think Tina will be the 6th girl and will be eliminated on the restaurant date. That makes it Steph T, Nicole, and Kate going home next week. I think Nicole's crying spree is during the RC out on the terrace. You can see lights behind her.
    Poodles, I agree!

    Quote Originally Posted by Poodles;2334499;
    Do you think the "rules" change next week? Amber ends up with a rose and so does Bevin. How did they get them? Were roses given out on the Tahoe dates?
    Yes, it looks like the bachelor always has a rose for the one on one dates to give or not give up (up until the hometown dates start).

    This week, I think Amber gets one at the spa after skiing and Bevin gets one in the room after gambling.

    Quote Originally Posted by angelic_one2002;2334628;
    I loved last night how Andy commented that Danielle was in this for the right reasons.
    Angelic, I loved that too. I'm seeing the possibility of the whole sweet love story of lost love and found love, ready to begin again romance being played up (but very subtly).

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