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Thread: The Girls' Myspace Pages - Bachelor 10 **SPOILERS**

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    Re: The Girls' Myspace Pages - Bachelor 10 **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by jelle;2566554;
    Tessa myspace is new. Its inclusion on Bevin myspace is new.

    Thank heavens we cannot see it - hopefully she will keep it private like most of the other girls from that season.

    On another note - Erin's myspace is a hoot! And Tina is still writing very interesting blogs about things not bachelor.
    Nope, Tina has said that Tessa does NOT have a MySpace. Tessa asked Tina to pass the word on.

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    Re: The Girls' Myspace Pages - Bachelor 10 **SPOILERS**

    Bevin said on her blog, that the Tessa myspace thing was an imposter and so she removed it from her(Bevin's) fansite(myspace/fanspace), if that helps.
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