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Thread: Bachelor 10, Part1, Spoilers, Speculations, Screencaps **Spoilers***

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    Quote Originally Posted by barbell;2310882;
    I think the final 4 are Amber, Stephanie T, Bevin and Tessa. Amber goes home (pics of her in tears being walked to the limo).
    Fantasy dates are Steph (Tahoe), Tessa (horseback riding - no Calif somewhere, maybe by Big Sur) and Bevin (hotel pics - haven't figured that out yet). Stephanie goes home.
    Final 2 go to PA to meet his parents, then to Hawaii for the final date and finale. Tessa - pics from zipline; Bevin pics from Pearl Harbor Memorial, waterfall swim, luau.
    Winner - logic tells me Tessa since Bevin seems to be getting the #2 edit, but I'm not so sure. We may be seeing a lot of Bevin because Fleiss wants to show how the romance builds since he finally seems to have one that works...
    I'm starting my catch up reading and from page 203 I find a quote I agree with to this point. Back to reading for this week's twelve. I'm also looking at pics from boot camp, race cars, etc. There is now a clearer pic (which I'm sure you have all debated - still catching up) of the two girls at the hangar staring at the one rose. On with the reading...catch you all on the backside.
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    Yes, Pansy. The above photos are from the 3rd episode. From what I can piece together the Cinderella is from the 4th.
    The 3rd must run like this:
    12 go to bootcamp: winner gets a rose--and maybe Cinderella date.
    5 go mud wrestling
    4 go racecar driving
    2 go to airplane museum
    maybe the winner of bootcamp gets a 1:1 this week rather than the Cinderella for next week.
    That would equal a date for all 12.

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    4th episode: narrowed down to 9.
    The Cinderella date with Tessa--either she gets a rose or she goes home. I think she gets a rose.
    Then the date with Amber, Nicole, Steph T and HDDA?

    still working on what would happen with the other 5 girls.

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    originally posted by JelleAre these the same girl? Look at the hair.

    Oh shoot - I lost my pic - the one of Bevin Andy and Tiff watching the bull ... right back and the picture of the hall girl Post #2132 (page 214) I think the picture of Stephanie W hair and the hall girl match .
    I tried to capture the picture ---honest I did......

    I think it's stephanie W , andy and Tiffany watching the Bull not Bevin.Are these the same girl? Look at the hair.
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    If you do all this why moving Wow you be super

    Quote Originally Posted by KashatheDiva;2312278;
    The words on the brass plate read Honopu suite. Now I wonder how many fine hotels have a Honopu suite. I bet quite a few.
    if you just had to read and look . I zero in toward the middle of the bed scene and it shows a dark hair lady next to Andy with Stephanie on top him and other dark hair Lady on far side. take the little arrow thing that popups by this picture and click the top left one and you see more of the middle lady .Good luck on your move Thanks for the great work .

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    Sleuth This:

    We know Tina goes to the Boot Camp and that is two weeks from now.

    So- where does she come into play here? We can't find her at the Mud Pool nor the Race Track. So where is she? And what about Alexis? Gone Next week?

    Episode Detail: The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman - The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman
    The 12 remaining bachelorettes endure a boot camp, and a drill sergeant---not Andy---gives the toughest lady a rose. Meanwhile, there's mudslinging when Andy takes five contestants to a mud spa. He also accompanies four others to a racetrack, and he goes on a two-on-one date, but brings only one rose with him. After the concluding rose ceremony, nine bachelorettes remain.

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    I hope I can get the lightened picture to come post. I difinately looks like one of the long, straight, blunt cut, brunettes (Tina?) to me.

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Quote Originally Posted by i<3realitytv;2311730;
    I was just thinking the same exact thing Cafegirl.

    The snow date where we see Andy and StephT hugging~

    Could also be an overnight two-on-one date with Amber~

    This could also be included on that date~

    But isn't there another women in the middle?

    I think it could happen. That way, StephT wouldn't make it to the hometown dates or the fantasy dates.

    I love looking at these bed pictures. LOL Go back and look at all the bed ones. HDDA sure is protecting himself from this lady. Look at his hands in all of them.What is that saying.....He just isn't that in to you? Well, he doesn't look in to this one in these. Maybe he is concerned about the other girls on the bed that he likes better???

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    Quote Originally Posted by armywife;2311516;
    Yes. You're right about that

    anyone have thoughts on who the psycho is yet? I wonder what nicole is hysterical over when crying in the red dress saying why would he do that? I can't wait to find out about what that is about.
    Hi, Im new here and just wanted to guess the psycho. Someone posted on another board I belong to that they went to college with Stephanie T. She also stated her DH's friend dated her and she was psycho, stalkerish so I'm betting her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cerese;2312212;
    But what about the two leis - or is he to wear one ?

    The two leis are probably not for the ladies to wear .. but for them to toss into the sea ... if you watch the initial montage about Andy's "life" .. he visits the memorial .. and takes apart two leis and offers the flowers to the fallen on the Arizona Memorial ... Someone can correct me if I am wrong .. since it has been over 17 years since I visited the Arizona Memorial .. I think this is a tradition of rememberance. Or it could be a screen shot again of Andy's "life" .. just to confuse us and make us think that it is for two ... (I don't have my tape anymore of the show .. but if someone wants to screen capture both "pics") we could compare flowers ... he is in Dress Whites both times... could have been the same time...

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