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Thread: Bachelor 10, Part1, Spoilers, Speculations, Screencaps **Spoilers***

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    Andy running over to get the rose on the San Diego carrier museum 2-on-1 date-of-death.
    One bachelorette in white pants. The other in black pants and heels.

    It's Tessa in the white pants. And Peyton, I think. Note her hoop earrings. San Diego in the background. gugirl caught that before me.

    There are indeed two gals there. Good job whoever caught that.

    Nicole, Stephanie W?, Stephanie T, Amber

    Since Amber, Nicole And Stephanie T are on the bed, is this after the mud spa?

    Home Visit or Meet the Parents in PA?

    Racing group date: Danielle?, Erin, Amanda, Kate?

    Hey wait a minute! The four bachelorettes run out there on a rainy day. Note the rain clouds, the wet, reflective pavement. But the driving is on a sunny day! But now the track is all dry!!!
    Could this be Bevin getting a make up date? Is this two different dates? Sportscar driving for two dates? Who is that? More importantly, when is that?

    OK all you eagleeyes, it's a Final Date (or doubtfully a Fantasy Date) in Hawaii. But who is it?

    Same clothes for Andy. Must be bull riding group date. But...

    If that is his arrival for the date, why are the bachelorettes dressed differently? There are twelve bachelorettes in this shot.
    All dressed very casually.
    Hey! Look! There's Alexis! Far left, in sunglasses. She's not totally invisible!

    Watch the tongue there, sailor. You're on TV.

    Now that I look at this it may not be Bevin. Bevin's hair is thicker and curlier. (I'm trying so hard to get rid of Bevin!)

    Tessa (or maybe Alexis?)

    This bus pic must be the Triathlon date. After next Monday, there's no date with that many on it. It can't be car racing, the clothes don't match. Kate's in a blue dress, not jeans with a red top. Erin isn't in red, but pink. And Peyton goes to San Diego. So the bus riders must be Erin, Danielle, Tina, Amber, Kate, Peyton and Susan. Now where would those pine trees be, near the Santa Monica Pier? Nowhere I'm afraid. So how can Amber get her walk on the beach reward for winning? They have to go somewhere else to start, and end up at the Santa Monica Pier.

    The bootcamp is key. Twelve bachelorettes are there.

    Stephanie W in pink top being yelled at. Nicole in blue top, swinging her hair. Amanda in black top, behind Stephanie and beside Nicole. Is that Kate peeking up over his back?

    Right to left : Nicole, Stephanie W, Stephanie T, then what 9 others? (Kate and Tessa/Amanda, plus 7 others.)

    Amber also in light blue top.

    i<3realitytv please let that be true!
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    Is it too much to ask for some reality in reality TV?

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    I'm thinking that Hallway girl is Stephanie W after seeing the pictures a couple pages back and I was going to say Bevin was couch girl but after seeing the post on the previous page I need to rethink that.............
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    Realitytv, It looks like Bevin is leaning her head forward in the first picture so that would take away from the length of her hair. I also go from straight to wavy/curly, and am amazed at how the length of my hair can shorten when curled.

    Exceptional screencaps, CynicGal! Thank you!!!

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    I was thinking the same thing about her hair Blondie, also the back of the dress/top is cut higher in the black outfit across her back than in the dress she wore the first night which could also throw the eye off.

    Thank you Cynicgal for the caps - they are great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kendra_k;2310648;
    I think this is the 2 on 1 date (only one rose) for the April 16th show. Andy has the same clothes and you can see the white pants the girl is wearing.

    I don't know if the other girl is assumed, but it's not the same as the girl in this picture because she doesn't have black pants on.

    Edited: I stand corrected, I did not see the hoop earrings in that pic until it was pointed out. I guess Peyton changed her clothes...
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    Quote Originally Posted by cafegirl;2311736;
    I'm wondering ... does the goodie bag include fake tatoos??? .
    That was my speculation upthread. Bevin's tattoo is so visible, and TPTB made a point of showing it WHILE she's holding a rose--usually the too-obvious-edit-of-doom.

    When watching the season previews, I could even see the tattoo on waterfall girl, though there are no caps I could find of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AshleyPSU;2310733;
    Good thinking. I agree with you. I don't know when this would have been filmed but it's always pretty cold here in PA late Feb/early March. I bet it's the "meet his parents" date.
    I did check the weather for the first week in March and it was back to the 20's and 30's in between the warm spells in Lancaster this spring
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    I still think an ID on this location and person is important. In watching the scene on TIVO, I think it looks like Tina. Here, in the stills, I don't know.

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    I am wondering if he has a rc from 3 ladies to 2 - on that porch maybe in Hawaii after the fantasy dates - looks like 2 roses are there. Doesn't look fancy enough for a frc. But what about the two leis - or is he to wear one ? I am still watching Danielle. Think there are too many negatives on Bevin. (also Steph T for sure - way too many negatives). Don't see much togetherness on that horseback riding trip to convince me he chooses Tessa. I like Tiffany - but don't see too much more of her in preview pics - after the bull riding scene. I like Steph W too - but she's young (I know it can work) - and Andy seems kind of guarded in the scene on a boat - both wrapped up in towels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cafegirl;2310874;
    there are new medianet pictures but we are not allowed to post them.
    I just wanted to clarify this.

    Any picture may be posted here as long as it's not linked directly to another website ("hotlinked"). This includes ABC MediaNet.

    How? Copy the photo to your computer and upload it to one of the many free photo hosting sites (,,, then link it directly from there.

    I didn't want anybody to think that ABC MediaNet pictures were off limits, 'cause they're not. You just can't link directly to their site.

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