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Thread: Alternate explanations for the ring picture - speculation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cynicgal;2150775;
    Did I say Jen did? No, I don't know if Jen has done any of those things what I was stating is that Sadie has said herself on both the plane and diving that she has not done those things. Lorenzo was broadening her horizons so to speak.

    Lorenzo has commented that Sadie likes to take risks so adventerous is what it is. He is pushing to see how many risks she will take. Sounds like a man intrigued to me. IF he knows it & we don't then so be it. He said she opened up with a ton of emotion so my guess is there are huge amounts we are not privy too. NOw that is hidden to me.

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    After the airplane ride date, Lorenzo said he loved that Sadie was so "adventurous". He also states in that interview in the media thread, that she is a little more outgoing than Jen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cynicgal;2150741;
    That was the most scripted kiss in the entire series. No one that dives would try to kiss underwater. Expecially with a novice that is just getting used to the breathing apparatus.

    I believe the reasons he shows Sadie different things is because she hasn't ever done them before. Sadie may have an adventurous spirit but she hasn't done much about it. Lorenzo was just giving her an experience that she may never have tried if it were not for him.

    IMO of course.
    GASP! Is she . . . a . . . virgin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bamabrain;2151060;
    GASP! Is she . . . a . . . virgin?
    My goodness! Where did you hear that??? I mean !
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