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Thread: A.T. the Angelfire Psychologist

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    Re: A.T. the Angelfire Psychologist

    I haven't checked in with A.T. in months. He's had a lot to say.

    Politics, Cosmetic Surgery, Brad the Cad, even Britney Spears.


    Q. Hi A.T. In case you didn't know, Andrew left the wine business and will be working for Ty Warner. Also, his family sold the Firestone Vineyard they had for over 30 years. Andrew even proposed and is engaged to his Serbian beauty, otherwise known as a model/actress. What's up with Andrew and wine being the love of his life???

    A. The Firestone’s fortune assures them no one in the family actually needs to work to make a living, they all do so out of personal ethics. I do not know them personally, therefore I can not venture to guess why they first sold the tire company and now the winery, but I imagine, in both instances, it was time for a change and someone made them an incredibly good offer.
    Having said that, it would not surprise me to find out if there is also ongoing tension between the conservative Firestones and Andy, due to him choosing Ivana as a possible future wife, even if the family continue to say she is a darling.
    I honestly can not envision Andrew’s sisters, brother, and parents cuddling up to a young lady with loose morals and a string of semi-nude scenes for a resume. Classy people usually cringe at the thought of one of their members marrying someone like Ivana, even if she may be personable and cute.
    Bottom line, it is my opinion Andy is the hyperactive social animal who is impressed by Ivana’s beauty and feels comfortable with her flexible personality. I believe she gives him full freedom to do what he wants and constantly “humors” him, making her a perfect companion.
    Marriage and children are something totally different. I believe Andrew is not ready to settle down and would be making a grave error marrying this impressive and streetwise young lady.

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    Q. I was happy to see your comments on the boards but surprised some readers were upset by your words for different reasons. Looking closer I noticed some readers interpreted your words totally differently, sometimes even adding on things in you never said. I am wondering if you could explain the reason why people see the same thing differently all the time, just like that school game where one rumor begins on one side of the class and, by the time it reaches the other side it’s been totally transformed. Also, they might have a Bachelorette show in the near future. Just to let you know. Thank you. (Janice)

    A. We all believe that we observe reality—things as they are. But what actually happens is that the mind interprets what the eyes see, or read, and gives it meaning. It is only at this point, when meaning is assigned, that we can truly say we have seen or “understood” something. In other words, what we see is as much in the mind as it is in reality. That is, basically, why people react differently when given, or shown, the same scenario, or opinion, sometimes “adding on” thoughts, or words, to the actual event in order to better support THEIR point of view on the subject or even their opinion of the person saying them.
    A good, and interesting, example of this is the way my opinions have always been interpreted by different members of the boards. Someone looking objectively at my two comments would see one of them only states I am glad the Bachelor was honest enough not to chose someone just to please the producers, while the other states my opinion those individuals who reacted to the ending with ANGER show little immaturity and should realize, after all these years, this is only a much scripted TV program.
    Notice I did not say one word about viewers who were merely “disappointed” or the way Brad treated the women. Anyone who is objective would realistically see I am not qualified to give my opinion of the show, or Brad's behavior with the bachelorettes, since I did not watch the series.
    Anyway, I would love to be able to see a Bachelorette series, but only if Fleiss chooses a young lady who is really committed to finding someone special and not merely a publicity seeker.

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    Q. Hi A.T. I know you can’t watch The Bachelor in Spain but just wanted to let you know this last one sent both finalist home in a real shocker. Some Bachelor fans are steaming! What do you think? (Betty)

    A. Wow, I can imagine both girl’s faces when given the news!
    Looking at this realistically, I always said choosing someone to have a long lasting relationship with from a group of strange women was like playing roulette blindfolded. The chances of being successful are always going to be against you.
    Personally, I applaud this Bachelor’s honesty in sending home two women who did not create any type of “ love spark” in his heart. I believe this ending is more truthful and honest than choosing someone just to please the producers, braking up with them as soon as the show is over.
    As for those “fans” who feel angry at the outcome of the show I can only say they possibly need a small dose of “maturity” in their lives.

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    Is it too much to ask for some reality in reality TV?

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