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Thread: Hey there - posting in this forum? Read me first!

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    Hey there - posting in this forum? Read me first!

    Bachelor Fans, welcome to your new spoiler and speculation forum.

    Please post any and all spoiler information and/or speculation in this forum.

    The threads in this forum will remain open on show nights and is the place where the preview footage for the next and future epsiodes should be analysed, not the discussion thread in the show forum.

    Even though this is a spoiler forum, people using our 'new posts' facility will see thread titles, so please be a little cryptic with your title if you're starting a new thread.

    We hope this new set up will prove beneficial to both the sleuthers and those wishing to discuss the show without running across spoilers.

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    I'd like to add another note: Please be aware of our "hot-linking" policy. If you're posting a picture, it MUST be from your personal account - photobucket, supload, or one of the many, many free image hosting options, or your personal website.

    It may NOT be linked directly from another forum, ABC MediaNet, or any other site where you're not paying the server costs.

    We try to be respectful of bandwidth concerns for other sites, as bandwidth can be fairly expensive, especially when a LOT of people view images posted here.

    If you have any questions about what's allowed and what's not, PLEASE ask BEFORE posting to avoid any problems.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Let's play nice with other sites out there, and hopefully they'll play nice with us, and we can all enjoy another season of sleuthing!

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    Re: **PLEASE READ** - Welcome to the S&S Forum

    Quote Originally Posted by fluff;2093039;
    Even though this is a spoiler forum, people using our 'new posts' facility will see thread titles, so please be a little cryptic with your title if you're starting a new thread.
    Also, the title of the thread with the most recent post will appear on the front page of the forums.

    Please be careful with your thread titles so that people who don't want to know spoilers won't inadvertently see them.
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    Re: **PLEASE READ** - Welcome to the S&S Forum

    Hello everyone, please read this if you wish to avoid infractions.

    When you are questioning sources, that's all fine and good. What is NOT good is to then go on to have long, drawn out conversations about fans of any particular contestant, or lump people together who believe one person, etc. If the conversation turns to posters here you have ventured onto shaky ground and risk getting an infraction. The most important rule we have at FORT is that people should feel free to express their opinion about the show and its contestants without fear of being ridiculed, demeaned, or insulted. This is the core of our site philosophy. As soon as you start commenting about "people" - even in vague terms - who watch the show, you are starting to infringe on other posters' rights to believe and post what they want about the contestants.

    We understand that the blogging mess of this season's Bachelor makes talking about the internet crowd feel natural, but keep in mind that you run the risk of earning infractions and could eventually be banned from FORT if you do. No one likes being lumped in with a crowd that's being made fun of, and it's too easy to feel like you are justified in doing so because it's your opinion. If that opinion is about other people like yourself who are here posting on the internet, it's not welcome. If that opinion is about the show, anyone on the show, ABC, producers - YES, that is welcome.

    The mods do NOT endorse, check, or qualify anyone posting here as legit. If some claims to be a contestant or family member, you'll have to make up your own minds about them. No one is given special treatment or a pass because they know someone on the show. In fact, our FAQ spells out the opposite.

    Lastly, have respect for your fellow posters and do not post "cheerleading" posts. In other words, if you post "Great post!" without contributing anything else, you are cluttering up the thread. You can agree but go on to give your thoughts as to why it is a great post. We are a discussion site after all, not a cheerleading site. This has gotten worse recently and we are issuing infractions for it.

    These are not new rules. Please do the mods and yourself a favor and read the Site Rules. Click on the FAQ button at the top of the forum. If you feel like someone is attacking you, don't respond in kind - report the post. Responding will only result in you getting an infraction as well.
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    Re: **PLEASE READ** - Updated 3/1/09

    We are not going to have contestant threads in the spoilers section this season because they became armed camps of people defending their favorites instead of discussion of anything resembling spoilers.

    We are working on something that will help you reference the women on the show, so please be patient for now. As always, if you want to talk about a contestant ("I love her shoes!"), use the contestant thread in the regular forum.
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