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Thread: A note regarding personal information.

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    A note regarding personal information.

    Please note: If you post addresses, phone numbers, or e-mail contact info for constestants, you will be immediately banned from this site.

    Just because someone has signed up to be on a show does NOT mean that their private home or work information should be public domain, and we will not tolerate it.

    In addition, while we have no control over what our board members do on their own time, we will not host any discussion of real-life interactions or attempted interactions with anyone on or related to the show. People on television shows put themselves out there for our opinions and critiques, but that does not, by any stretch of the imagination, extend to phone calls or visits. These are lines we are not willing to cross.
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    Re: A note regarding personal information.

    We've had a couple problems with this in the last week so I'm bumping this thread as a reminder.
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