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Thread: **Spoilers** **Speculation** Analysis of Bachelor 8 Part 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by wooh_okk View Post
    I dont know what to think anymore, Sarah or Moana. Oh well, looks like Ill find out soon...

    Tomorrow does everyone get back on and discuss?
    Wooh - we never actually go to sleep!!!! Will be hard to get on the board tonight because all members and lurkers will be here ...

    So, if I don't get back on here ... have fun tonight everyone ... T-minus 50 minutes and counting!!!!

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    Well, as I was about to post in another thread that was locked and I have to go, I thought I would post this was from speculation thread 3.

    Quote Originally Posted by MBMom View Post

    As for the women themselves: I appreciate emotional, intellectual women. I am myself emotional, like foreign films, wine and different cultures. But I am a cynic too, and very skeptical. Moana presented herself as skeptical in the beginning, but has since turned into water works. This makes me wary of her true colors. My instinct with Moana is that she is NOT genuine, but rather, trying just a bit too hard to be original, and trying in every way she can, to impress! California is full of impressive women (I'm from there). So I wouldn't be surprised if she's learned how to play "cool chic" with the best of em. She seems to be one of those people who make a real effort to be deep, to talk about the obscure bands they listen to, to cry and pout for all to see, etc. In my experience, the truly deep people don't bare their souls on Myspace or on reality shows. It takes more to crack a truly complicated person than a few weeks on a reality show.

    Sarah, on the other hand, seems to be a normal gal acting pretty much like herself throughout the process. She may not be into Miles Davis or speak Italian, but seemingly simple people are often the most intriguing when you get down to it. And even if she's not that deep, she and Travis share so much in common that I do believe they'd make a compatible couple with long term potential.

    In the end, I have NO idea who's going to take the cake. But if it is Moana, I'm going on the record now to say that it doesn't last. And if it's Sarah, who knows...
    MBMom! Excellent post! I agree with your assessment of the women, based on what we have seen. Maybe Sarah is deeper thinking than portrayed and maybe Moana is much lighter than portrayed (I tend to be skeptical of Moana's heightened emotions and cool chic persona).

    Excellent work sleuthers...looking forward to post finale discussions!!

    Enjoy the show everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noreen View Post

    Well, Sarah is/was a kindergarten teacher right? Maybe she is just better at dealing with very young kids as opposed to this niece, who looks a little older than kindergarten age. I know personally that the way I interact with my 5-year-old cousin is different from the way I interact with my 8-year-old cousin. The younger one is still in play mode while the older one is slowly creeping towards that "I-still-like-to-play-but-I'm-starting-to-hit-that-age-group-where-I-want-to-be-cool" phase. The niece seemed to like both ladies, which is a good sign in general I think.

    Just because somebody's a teacher, it doesn't mean that he/she's the person that kids like most. ... Far from it, very often. ... For one thing, teachers, both nice and not nice, tend to approach kids with agendas of some kind, and kids hate that. They are usually much more comfortable with somebody who's just natural with them and not trying to get them to do a-tiddlety-ta a-tiddlety-ta. (For the record, I assume that the producers and/or Travis probably told Sarah to do that with the nieces. Bad idea.)

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