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Thread: **Spoilers** **Speculation** Analysis of Bachelor 8 Part 2

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    Moana is a mercurial person, who acts on impulse and feels that this is way that she should live. She totally absorbs these emotional impulses and forges forward with blinders firmly in place. Her glass in never half empty or half full, it's full or empty. Wonderful or horrible. She's a drama queen, but probably a good person. Travis would never understand this. I can envision him wrinkling his forehead at his first peek into the real world of Moana.
    T's parents will see that her attraction to T is not deliberative and ture, but borne of impulse. The true lack of understanding of each others personalities will be exposed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cafegirl View Post
    Thanks to Krom for the early screencaps.. I'm posting these in the spoiler thread to keep free any revelations from the pics.

    I'm not a sleuther at all, but why is Sarah's left (to us) arm pixelated? Is that because she has a rose in her hand? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockza View Post
    Well let me do that with Sarah, in the preview for the final week, she Travis' parents, "I WANT TO WIN", which is worse than I want to be the last one standing.
    We don't know what she's saying that in reference to. They could have been asking her about running marathons, which she does in her spare time at home.

    I don't defend Sarah, the K teacher, for calling Moana or anyone a B****, but I don't see how she's as bad as some people are making her out to be. I don't think that makes her a terrible person just as I don't think it makes Moana a terrible person for saying she's not into Travis when she obviously is. Some people may like Moana better than Sarah and that's fine but I think she seems like a very nice woman with a lot going for her and a lot to offer. I actually can say the same for Moana. Neither one are perfect but neither one are horrible either. I think they are both great people and it will be up to Travis to choose whoever he can see himself with in the future. I personally feel he may go with Sarah. Although I've said before I will kind of feel bad for her if she does win because a lot of people don't think she's good enough for Travis or worthy of him. That is something I will never understand. I like Travis but I certainly don't think he's too good for her. I don't think Travis is as adventuresome and exciting as some may think. Yes, he likes sports and outdoor activities but he seems like a down home kind of guy that is more comfortable in what he knows and what he's always known. I think he is very uncomfortable in Paris and Venice and has said many times he can't wait to get home and back to his old life. I just see Sarah as fitting into that life better (even if that means moving out of Nashville). Usually each season, there is one that I love and one that I hate but not this time. I can find the positive and negative in both girls so I'm anxious to see what happens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RandalR View Post
    . Moana had every right to mislead them - as long as she never misled Travis. I could have been as simple as a desire on Moana's part to project the image "Don't be jealous of me - I'm not that into this," to minimize the animosity starting to be leveled at her in the house because Travis obviously liked her. She isn't the type to play "sorority sister" just to get along, so playing cool and detached might have seemed the smarter option. It backfired, but it wasn't necessarily spoken to be manipulative.
    What I do not understand that Moana has played this like a strategic "game" from the beginning with the other girls..yet others have been criticized including by Travis that being competative is being in this for the wrong reasons???

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    We're now on Part III of "Spoilers and Speculation", so I'm closing this thread.
    "Among the blind, the squinter rules." ~ Gerard Didier Erasmus

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