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Thread: ***spoilers** Speculations ** Analysis Of Bach 8

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    Quote Originally Posted by UOrealityfan View Post
    Charity - thank you so much for your hard work - you did an good job putting pictures together - I will have to agree with Cafegirl about the helicopter/wine cave date as that is week 2.

    Also - I believe the bike ride/spa, swim, sarah in brown suit, group date will be week 4. And the pic below is not from the eiffel tower group date - the pink coat is actually different from Elizabeth's - I believe this is Jehan's dinner date - you can see her sweater coming out from under the coat.

    WoW...I was just coming to post that. I looked through all of the caps ( are awesome!) and I have a couple of questions. One was the one you just mentioned.

    Another...Why are there at least 8 girls on the spa date? In the hot tub picture, which I believe is the same date, you can see 8 girls. Do they all go? Or could the spa looking thing be from the winery tour? We have a winery in my town and it is also a luxury spa. It was built by a french man, and patterned after one in France.

    Also...could the rock climbing be on the camping date? Travis seems to be wearing the same clothes. Also, the Sarah B crying picture, (hugging the other girl)--could be from then as well, because the brown/black coat on the girl she is hugging

    seems to match the person The Doc is hugging, in these pictures. There are also trees in the background.

    Don't shoot me, but I agree that it sounds like SaraTn's voice talking about the Alps, but I still think climbing girl looks like Elizabeth. Could she be on the camping trip?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SassyStarr View Post
    And also, the front top part of Sarah B's hair is pulled back next week so she would've had to let it down: Whoever it is, Elizabeth or Shiloh has one more week, I think....

    Call me crazy, but is that Jennifer behind Cole in the greenish colored dress, and does she have a rose in her right hand? If you look closely at her right hand, it looks like her fingers are wrapped around the stem of a rose.

    Like I said...Call me crazy

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    I'm thinking this is Susan. Does anyone know when this takes place?
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    That looks like Moana to me - but I could be wrong!

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    phyllie and bigedlbyou are quite right about the rumor that one girl leaves of her own accord. I think that rumor gined credence on Mon night when we had the preview of Travis (near the Eiffel or some sort of scaffolding) saying "if you go it will break my heart" or something. Someone pointed out that when he says this you can see blond hair blowing in the breeze. This would be Jehan perhaps. But if it happens next week it could be any other blond who is on the Arc/Eiffel group date I suppose.

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    Agree that this is Jehan. I couldn't imagine why she had those beige cuffs hanging out when Kristen was wearing a black evening dress for her dinner.

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    Very interesting... Now, if she leaves, is it because of him, or the other girls? It seems she comes away with good friends, so she must not be that into him. If that's the case, this is a FIRST, and I really admire her for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by charity View Post
    And, Moana's myspace has a downward scrolling message about Jehan. I think it says 'Who would you like to meet: Someone like Shan Jehan' and I think Jehan might be in her friends list, but I don't remember.
    OK, this might be stretching a bit, but here's a theory: I thought that the downward scrolling message said "Someone like Shah Jehan" - I have been puzzling over it ever since I first saw it, thinking it has to mean something...A Shah is a leader, with wisdom. So, what if she (Moana) is saying that she sees Jehan as a wise leader, since she left the show on her own accord, and didn't have to go to the end to be heartbroken??

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    Quote Originally Posted by charity View Post
    Okay, here are my predictions. I sure would like to win a trip to Paris, but I'll share my thoughts with you just the same!

    12 to 8--Moana, Sarah S, Sarah B, Susan, Jehan, Tara, Shiloh, Jennifer
    8 to 6---Moana, Sarah S, Sarah B, Susan, Jehan, Tara
    6 to 4---Moana, Sarah S, Sarah B, Susan
    4 to 3---Moana, Sarah S, Sarah B
    3 to 2---Moana, Sarah S
    2 to 1---no freakin' idea! He sure looks into Moana on the Venice date!

    You all who have picked are braver then me - I need to take it one week at a time, even though we can seem to see that this all could be right, I am not yet ready to go from 6 to 4 yet, pretty sure 8 to 6 is right based on the bike riding group & other caps. Am looking forward to see what we see next week to verify more of the caps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lildago View Post

    I'm thinking this is Susan. Does anyone know when this takes place?
    for some odd reason I thought this may be Cole... It looks like there is some view that she leaves this week. I think she will stick around.

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