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Thread: ***spoilers** Speculations ** Analysis Of Bach 8

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    Quote Originally Posted by intheblind View Post
    And on top of that he isn't even into it at all. A last night fantasy date & he looks like he wants to run??? LOL Holding on for dear life on that bench.
    It's Moana, of course he wants to run! At that point he's thinking, "Cole, Jehan, Sarah B...I'm so sorry! What was I thinking when I let you go?"

    His hair is probably messed up because she has been running her claws through it.

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    Just a reminder…

    This thread is for speculation and spoilers of Bachelor 8, and the sleuthing involved in trying to deduce who gets the final rose. Post s regarding the pros/cons, likes /dislikes, “who’s your favorite” should go in the individual contestant thread so we can keep this thread on topic and easy to follow.

    It’s difficult for our members who haven’t been here all day to try and catch up when so many of the posts are off topic and don’t involve speculation or spoilers. Please try and do your part in keeping this thread on topic.

    "Among the blind, the squinter rules." ~ Gerard Didier Erasmus

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    Each season about this time---when the clues run short--and atleast one rose is uncertain we all seem to look to motives in editing-or atleast i do.
    I have read everything about Sarah B going home after family dates but i just
    can not imagine why they would edit the show this way if that is true.

    She has the spark,she has the chemistry, his reaction after sending jen home and "jumping Sarah" seemed to be the most natural emotions we've been able to see- I am sure they happen alot but that is the one they showed. I see it as they are trying to cast doubt so that it is not soo obvious and the best they can do is show comments or looks that she is insecure or jealous. I seem to recall they show a pic of her sitting around the table at the house that looks like she is pissed off, but when the show aired it was actually that the shot was mid blink-just a bad picture of her not an expression she actually showed.
    Sarah B even had " the music" TWICE! lol every season they play that music and i am sure that that time it will be used to throw us off-but everytime it has been the one. Jerry,jen,Ian, Ryan etc.
    No one else is getting a positive edit-why would they want to set that up only to have it end? Sarah S is a very nice woman, and chemistry may develop but why show her this way -just plain and nice- if there is more
    going on? Moanna is being edited as the nasty one, Susan is being shown
    as a slick but cold fish/actress. Jehan is lovely but they dont edit her well either.
    Why show us weeks of Sarah B/ Trav chemistry to send her home in 2 more weeks?
    Just my thoughts.

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    I've started a Part 2 thread so I'm locking this one. Have fun in the new one.

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