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Thread: Media Stories on Bachelor 8 and 9

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    cafe au lait for me

    i will be shooting some of that cafe au lait monday night too..i am originally from new orleans and i lived on that my dad says(and boy does he have some good ones) YEP that cafe au lait keeps me "perculating"...lame i know..but hey..he's my dad..

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    Quote Originally Posted by charity View Post
    I wish they would have cast off that with the drunk guy from Kentucky last year so he wouldn't embarass our whole state. Maybe someone gets way drunk, talks about her ovaries & biological clock, and she gets the boot early! Maybe he gives out a First Impression Rose and a First Get-the-Hell-Out Cab Ride.
    Exactly what I was thinking! If she's the first cast off, maybe she didn't even make it to the Rose Ceremony!
    Is it too much to ask for some reality in reality TV?

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    new interview of Travis

    Here's a new one. He's pretty thoughtful and insightful.,1002,271|99435|1|,00.html

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    Quote Originally Posted by pajamasam View Post
    Here's a new one. He's pretty thoughtful and insightful.,1002,271|99435|1|,00.html
    thanks, pajamsam, that's a great article and Travis just continues to reinforce my reasons for liking him . He's very savvy to how this show works w/o having been familiar with it previously and he's realistic and smart in realizing that this show is really just a fantasy chance at dating. He's at least considering how this experience can transcend into the real world. Great article!!
    "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me!"

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    I couldnt agree more. He seems to both "get it" and to be able to talk frankly and articulately about the process without giving away the secrets of what transpired and what didnt. The producers are going to edit him in the most flattering light possible and he probably gave them alot of positive footage to edit into the story.

    From that article:
    Stork is forced to send 13 of the 25 home on the first night in a rose ceremony that leads to one of the more memorable jilted-suitor confrontations in the show's history.
    WooHoo - lots of almost non -manufactured drama! Historic drama. Cant wait.
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    Newest 'Bachelor' knows he won't always have Paris

    Rick Porter
    Jan. 6, 2006 02:20 PM

    It seems natural to set the latest incarnation of "The Bachelor" in and around Paris, given the city's reputation (fueled in no small part by decades of movie portrayals) as among the most romantic in the world.

    There's just one problem with that, says Travis Stork, the guy at the center of ABC's eighth matchmaking exercise: Adding the fantastic setting to what's already a fantasy of a show makes it that much harder to forge a real, lasting relationship.

    "It's something we were all cognizant of," says the 33-year-old Stork, an emergency-room doctor at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, Tenn. "As the show progresses, part of the decision-making process is, How would this relationship play out back in America? It wasn't lost on me that we were living this fantasy life."

    That said, Stork thinks both he and the 25 women looking to become his one and only are "smart enough to realize that a relationship has to go beyond just the experience in France."

    Viewers will get to meet Stork and his would-be girlfriends when "The Bachelor: Paris" premieres at 9 p.m. Monday. ABC is hoping that the change in locale - previous editions have been set in Los Angeles and New York - and the fact that the show's been away for a while will help revive ratings, which have flagged as the show has been largely unsuccessful at creating long-term relationships (though the previous two Bachelors, Byron Velvick and Charlie O'Connell, are, as far as we know, still with their chosen women, Mary Delgado and Sarah Brice).

    Stork is aware of the show's record in these matters but doesn't appear daunted by it, although he laughs when asked why he was still single when the show approached him.

    "Everyone acts like it's a plague to be single," he says. "Life is all about timing, and I always felt like when the time is right, I'll end up with the right person. When this opportunity arose, who was I to say this wasn't the way I was supposed to meet that person?"

    Initially, though, he turned down the chance to be on the show. He says he was out with friends in Nashville when a casting director approached him, "and we had a nice long conversation, and afterward I said thanks, but no thanks."

    Until, that is, he told his sister, a "huge" fan of the show, about his encounter. "When she got wind of this she was actually a little upset that I didn't plan on seeing it through. So she essentially made me promise I'd consider it. And one thing led to another, and soon thereafter I was on my way to Paris."

    In France, the show put Stork up at a 14th-century chateau that makes previous "Bachelor" pads, be they Malibu mansions or Manhattan brownstones, look like broom closets. Better than the building itself, though, were the acres of forest land adjacent to the property, which Stork used "to clear my mind" while hiking and mountain biking.

    Unfortunately for more than half the women, their time in France was mercilessly short - Stork is forced to send 13 of the 25 home on the first night in a rose ceremony that leads to one of the more memorable jilted-suitor confrontations in the show's history.

    "That's unlike anything I've ever had to do in real life," he says. "They all arrived in Paris with expectations - excited to see the city, see the country. And that first night, before they ever really have that opportunity, I'm sending over half of them back to America. I felt bad doing that."

    Which brings us back to the show's fantasy element. Stork is contractually obligated to remain coy about whether he and one of the women were able to break through the trappings of "The Bachelor" and find love. "Let's just say," he says, "I'm really happy with the way things ended."

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    This could possibly give insight on either the ballistic one and or one who says her reproductive system is ready etc etc...

    Bachelor' doctor turns focus to the heart

    Duke grad Travis Stork, 33, stars in ABC show's 8th season, set in ParisMARK WASHBURNTHE BACHELOR


    10 p.m. Monday, ABC, Channel 9
    Culling no gems from the glittering dating pools of Duke or Virginia, discerning no heartthrob among fellow physicians at Vanderbilt, Dr. Travis Stork has decided to go looking for love the old-fashioned way:
    Go on TV and sort through a couple dozen babes, hoping one specimen reveals herself as Ms. Right.
    Stork is ABC's new bachelor, and he launches his examination Monday. His vital signs go thusly: he's a physician, 6-foot-4, 33 years old, dimples, Midwestern, kayaker, good hair.
    I have shopped his photo around to colleagues who harbor strong opinions on the desirability of men and he qualifies as a board-certified woooo.
    So why can't he get girls?
    "Everyone acts like it's the plague to be single," Stork said. "Life is all about timing, and I've been really focused on my medical training."
    Among his harem's beauties -- their vocations include NBA dancer, model, kindergarten teacher, vitamin saleswoman -- is a fellow doctor. She provides the spark of the evening because she's either:
    • the most determined beau since Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction," or
    • downright loopy.
    "The reason why I'm here is to definitely find a husband," she confides to viewers. "Frankly, my eggs are rotting."
    Yes, at 33, her dreams of procreation are ebbing away.
    In her one-on-one, sofa snuggly time with the hunk, she drives right to why she'd be so right for Doc Stork. "I so want to move on to the next phase ... the reproductive phase."
    No fair answering the next question if you're a man. So is that a turn-on or what?
    Not. She gets the knife.
    Casting decorum aside, she pounces on dream doc.
    Demanding an explanation on why she was amputated from the class, she runs through a list of possible shortcomings -- too honest? Not chesty enough?
    This is the eighth go-round for "The Bachelor" franchise, which to date has yielded one wedding from its rich vein of hottie heartache. It is set in Paris in a bid to revive its sagging ratings, but the move is unnecessary.
    As our tigress demonstrates, it is not the lights that draw the crowd, but the chance to peer into the darkness. It is the voyeur's thrill of watching the most natural psychic process played out in the most unnatural arena, a chance to unmask in tandem with our chump the stuff that unsettles the soul, the warts within, the heart stoppers that lie beneath the pulsing exterior.

    web page
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    Thank you for the article Luvinit. It looks like Cafegirl was right on target about Allie G.

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    Wow did he dodge a bullet. Can you imagine if she had stayed a week or two? I am nearly speechless. Do you have an article link? Found it:

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    MSNBC article from a writer who has clearly seen all 9 series.
    Read It!!!

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