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Thread: 7/23 Bachelor Pad 3: Premiere **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 7/23 Bachelor Pad 3: Premiere **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Midol View Post
    Regarding the bolded...I live in London, Ontario and guess who was at one of our local liquor stores a couple of weeks ago promoting his own hooch? A male co-worker who I hooked on all things Bachelor related (insert wicked laugh), called me when he saw him. Unfortunately, I was out and didn't get the message, otherwise I would have gone to check him out even though I was not a fan...Yawn. On, the other hand, I would have loved to see Courtney on the BP. She would have been a hoot and I would have enjoyed her snark on this show. I'm sure as soon as they break up, she'll be on the next season.
    He was at my local wine store last weekend - I didn't go......

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    Re: 7/23 Bachelor Pad 3: Premiere **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Living View Post
    Maybe living in London (UK) and having worked in the city (finance), Ed's behavior does not seem strange to me. I do not appreciate people being drunk etc, and maybe being older have a different view. But the single young men and women working in the city with 6, 7 figure salaries can be quite atrocious when partying. They are professional and disciplined at work and while out for drinks after work, but when partying, there seems to be a no holds barred attitude. The more money they have, the more stupid and atrocious their attitude and parties are, like doing things in excess/ over indulging.

    Funnily, soon after being married, they seem to get domesticated and all this attitude changes. I noticed it is not an age thing. It seems to depend more on their marital status. When going steady with someone they start to cool down. Those without steady partners are the most outrageous.
    I agree with this in its entirety. I too work in the world of finance and see pretty much the same behaviour in the young, unattached professionals. And given that they work over 80 hours a week in the busy seasons, I don't fault them for going a little nuts on their own time - the majority of them know when to dial it back. It's not my personal cup of tea, but then again, you couldn't pay me to work 80 hours a week, either.
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    All I wanted was a 45, a stinking 45 - the record or the gun. I'd even settle for the damn malt liquor. - Al Bundy.

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    Re: 7/23 Bachelor Pad 3: Premiere **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by freefragrance View Post
    Jillian sure had her blinders up when she fell in love with Ed. She seems to still conveniently ignore certain behaviour because of those blinders. She obviously still carries a torch for him to defend his behaviour. He could totally be into 10 different women, and not care about his ex's feelings. Can you imagine him as a father? Absent alcoholic. No thanks!
    I don't see her carrying a torch for him at all. She merely said she was in a great place in her life and it's not in her nature to trash someone who she once cared for a great deal. She also said she cares for his friends and family very much, so obviously didn't want to say anything that would upset them. I thought she was very classy with her comments.

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